A rich older guy fucked my girl in front of me

Cut a long story short, me (20) let this guy we met (50s) fuck my (18) girlfriend in front of me for 800quid, we met him in a bar and was counting our change to get another last drink, he brought our drinks, followed us out for a smoke, got chatting, about how broke we were, then randomly asked to buy my girlfriends boots for 50quid, weird but ok, but onvs couldn have them right now n my girl was like yeah ok, then he asked for her knickers for another 50quid, she went to loo came out gave them to him and he gave her 50quid! then he asked would we be ok if he asked to fuck her? my girl said how much an he said 800quid, easy money but i insisted on being there, so he got us a taxi, took us back to his place and i sat and watched as he undressed my girl, went down on her and then fucked her right in front of me, gutted he fucked her for overan hour in all posistions! i wanked while watching but got abit upset when he came inside her (i wish he hadnt) he got us a taxi and we left! part of me is upset, part of me is still turned on, part of me wishes id joined in

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  • I have four one bedroom apartments I rent out to only young college students, attractive nice bodied girls, I am so happy to have one or two that will struggle with the rent because its pay up or you fuck anyway I want, I am never short of a fuck and don't let any take boyfriends inside.

  • It’s ok mate. Sounds like she wanted his older cock. She like other females of all ages love men with money.
    Here’s some advice.. a man with little or no money stands no chance of keeping his woman; the wolf is always at the door.

  • Backing the guy aboves comments, i have known of plenty younger girls give in and crave older rich men, faithful girlfriends turning into complete sluts and whore for older men, its the power thing. dorsnt always matter what the guy looks like. keep a close eye because shes got a taste of it now

  • I've stooped just as low.Me and my girlfriend rented a room at this guys place.We couldn't afford the rent one month and I spoke to my gf about it and "suggested" there was something she could do.She looked at me,shocked and asked if i was serious.I said "just get it sorted".She obviously took matters into her own "hands" cuz one Friday I got home a bit earlier than usual and looked thru the window and she was giving him a hand job.I left and came back in an hour and she was acting all normal.I didn't know what the deal was so 2 weeks later,I pull up,look in to make sure and he's sitting,pants round his ankles,my gf sucking him off.I stayed and watched this time,couldn't believe how hard I got.Next I very nearly erupted in my pants,as he threw her on her knees and pulled off her bottoms and began smashing her cunt.She was moaning so nicely,from the get go and ended up having an orgasm,followed by her young pussy being filled with man cream.He pulled out and her gaping,stretched hole let out a little cum.I missed the rent on several occasions after that.

  • Well iv been on the other end of it, i own several student houses and many are all too happy to let and old man like me fuck them for rent.
    all these little princess’s iv been inside fucking like little whores most on the last semester. fuking them in their beds next to the pictures of them and their boyfriends. hahaha

  • I did this more times in college than I would ever admit to people I know. It started when I couldn't afford rent one month and we worked out a "deal." But he was surprisingly amazing it bed. We ended up having sex a lot more and I didn't have to pay rent again until his wife found out. As far as I know they didn't get divorced but she started doing the collections and he wasn't seen around the apartments too often except to fix things that broke down and she was always with him when he came in the building.

  • Yes our sex life changed drastically,I couldn't make her cum or fuck her that good.And as soon as I thought about her being fucked by him I would blow my load.

  • I think alot of the students got off on it aswel, like a fantasy of theirs, using their bodys to pay for there accommodation. i never requested sor of them to dress up but turning up with them in fishnets, heels is something i wouldnt say no to. the reduced income coat me to start with but after a rent week where iv been inside 3 or 4 young 19/22yo tarts i wasnt that bothered

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