Her Emotional Affair Makes Me Horny

There's this thing I can do to my wife when we're cuddling naked and she's getting sleepy. I talk to her softly and gently. I tell her that she's safe, and can tell me the truth about anything. I tell her I won't get mad no matter what she tells me. I tell her she'll tell me the absolute honest truth no matter what I ask ... that the truth will just pop out of her mouth. And it always works. She can't lie in that state.

So, last night I had the feeling something had been going on. You see ... she's got super high sex drive and is VERY easy to seduce. She TRIES not to let it happen, but she just can't help it. Honestly, it doesn't bother me. I don't mind her getting a little extra on the side as long as her heart stays loyal to me. It even makes me hot, TBH, as long as she tells me about it.

So, got her in her little truth-telling trance and asked if she's had sex with anyone but me lately. No. She hadn't. She admitted there was this one guy she really WANTED to have sex with, but didn't want to ruin their friendship.

But I knew something was going on. So I asked her if had had an EMOTIONAL affair lately. Her eyes were closed, but this confused look passed over her face. "What's that?" she asked.

"Well, is there someone you've been talking to alot. Someone you've got feelings for?"

"What kind of feelings?"

"You know ... romantic feelings. And you talk about close, personal things."

She smiled and said, "Yes".

She went on to tell me about a guy who had seduced her on-line, who was sweet and kind to her. The affair is only a few weeks old, but they've already exchanged, "I love you's". And they meant it.

She told me about the video she made for him of her topless and playing with her breasts. He really enjoyed that. It's something private between the two of them so I'm not allowed to see it.

What turned me on SOOOOO much ... much more so than any of her overtly sexual affairs have was that she told him she LOVED him. She's never done that before. I thought I would be upset, but instead I was over the moon in Ecstasy. I love that she loves him and that he loves her.

She knows though, that it's really the fantasy with which she is in love. And the same is true for him. She said that under her truth trance. She knows that soon it will be time for this affair to end, or it will become more important than her marriage. I know she'll end it because she was still in her truth trance when she said she would.

But I wouldn't count on this being the last time something like this happens.

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  • A few years ago, my wife started IM'ing on FB with a guy she'd had an affair with when she was married the first time. I found the dirty PM's and confronted her. He was across the country so nothing ever happened. However, had he been where we lived, he'd have gotten her naked....no doubt in my mind.

  • Push her to do it. Then tell her in bed during sex to give you all the details she loved the most. You’ll be surprised by her answers. There are certain things we never do that turn women on. She’s waiting for your approval. Take her to buy sexy lingerie and get her all prettied up. It shows you are totally into it

  • That pussy isn't like a loaf of bread that once you give it away it's gone, no matter times she gives that pussy away it's still there and still good.

  • It won’t be long till she’s dying to have his cock in her. I think she’s playing with you and your allowing her to play.
    I’m sure If she’s attractive men will hot on her no matter where she goes. One day she’ll meet a guy of her dreams and start off with a friendly coffee meet up.
    Then it the hotel

  • "Won't be long?" Pffft. She's ALREADY dying to have his cock in her. She made that clear right from the start. He's too far away for that though.

    Look, she's had cocks in her before. It doesn't bother me. But now she wants me THERE for the next time it happens.

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