Locked Labia

I often travel interstate and for some time suspected my wife was cheating while I was away, I had cam's with sound secretly set up in my house and sure enough the next trip verified my suspicions she had almost a full week with an old boyfriend fucking like rabbits telling him what a great time she was having and belittling my sexual prowess, well I was not going to take that and was so close to kicking her out and divorcing her, I showed her the videos and decided on another option she could stay but had to have her cunt lips pierced in numerous places so I could place locks through "no more cunt fucking for her" this was three months ago and it is just so good shit she has quietened down and does anything I want she has become a lot more house proud and subservient I only fuck her in the arse while she is in the doggie position I really like the dominance and superiority, I have taken a lot of photos of her naked in terrible positions and promised her these could easily be handed around town and placed on the net, she is so very obedient now, however the cams are working while I'me away.

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  • Bullshit

  • I did the same thing to my wife showed her the videos one night and told her she was done, she started begging me to forgive her realizing her meal ticket was gone so I figured before she got served with divorce papers I could get some wild kinky sex out of her. I had her sucking my cock constantly, she took it in the ass, I masturbated and fucked her with one of the biggest cucumbers I could find one night and then had her served the next day. She did not even fight the divorce and is probably getting the same thing done to her now with some guy so she can eat and have a roof over her head.

  • Should have had her pierced and locked then you are in total control certainly quietens them down, I have a great array of locks cute little ones to real heavy that hang very low and pulls on her cunt lips, if I decide I can lock her to various items so funny.

  • Hell this marriage is over the OP just doesn't know it yet

  • Is her butt locked? She may still have options ...

  • OH boy wish I could get my wife pierced, I am certain she is cheating but can't prove it maybe the cams are the way to go

  • Well how can I listen or watch them

  • Only if she is naughty again and I am sure that will not happen those lock's are on for good.

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