Step-Brother Sex Introduction

My mom was in a interracial relationship in the late 90's. My sister Kristin and I are 15 and 13 at the time, we are 18 months apart in age. Moms future husband at the time has a 16 year old son. He would be both of ours 1st lover. Carl is muscular, athletic & confident in himself, within 2 months of us meeting him and going on a summer vacation together, he has already kissed me, hands under shirt, over bra and panties, under bra and panties, panties removed and screwed. After our third screw together he suggest we show Kristin how to enjoy sex when we are on vacation. He says better for her to see from us than a wimpy guy from our school. Carls cock Is an easy 7 inches and thick, I loved it filling my hole, he said Kristin will also. On vacation our parents had their own suite and us teens had ours. Did they know hanky panky might go on? Or, did they think 2 blond girls would be safe in not doing anything sexual being together? During the second day on vacation Carl tells me that evening he has an idea on how to get us all in bed together and for me to follow along with him. That night in the suite Kristin and I have already showered & are in our cotton dorm shirts that go almost to our knees. Carl is in the shower and both of us are doing seperate things when he comes out in only his underwear instead of pjs he used the night before. He says to us have you girls seen a cock yet? Lying, knowing he has already fucked me three times, I lie like he wanted me to and say No. He looks at Kristin and she says no. He then says to us that he bets we probably haven't even kissed yet? We both again say no. Carl then asks if we are brave enough to want to see his dick? I look at Kristin and say ok. Kristin also says ok. Carl says we have to remove our gowns first & says go first Kimberly. I grab my gown & reveal to them a front clasp lacy white bra and dark purple bikini panties as I remove it. Since we are both teens, mom has already gotten Kristin and me sexier & skimpier panties for a few years now. Although this is during the thong movement, mom never came to allowing those. Carl then tells Kristin it's her turn. Kristin reaches for the bottom of her dorm shirt & slowly starts to pull it off and away from her body. Kristin is wearing very thin yellow bikini panties that appear sheer next to her skin. Her slit is revealing thru the fabric and you can also see a small patch of hair thru them, she is standing in the same type bra I am wearing in white. Carl then ask if we have kiss yet? I just say yes & Kristin says no. Carl says who wants to kiss first? I volunteer and we kiss, He says "nice" after we're done. He looks to Kristin and says she's next. He puts his hands on her hips and reels her in to him as he starts to kiss her. I am a bit jealous as I watch them with his hands on the hips of her bikini panties. After he's done he says to us we're about the same. Making me more jealous inside, I've let you fuck me 3 times and we're the same spins in my head. Carl then says it's time to release the beast from the leash as he pushes his blue underwear down. His 7 inch thick shaft sticking straight out at us, he is already hard as a rock by having us in bra and panties. Carl says who's going to be the first one to hold it? He says I choose Kimberly. His arm reaches out with his hand for mine and guides it to his shaft and let's go as I am holding his prick. Carl then says nice and tells me to get down on my knees and kiss the head of his dick Carl knows he can be bold with his request, I have done more then this with him before and won't disagree with him, I do as he says so Kristin can watch. After I am done he tells Kristin time for her to follow the leader. She slowly goes to her knees and kiss the head of his shaft. Carl then says Kimberly open my mouth for him. I open my mouth and Carl starts to insert his cock in, he grabs the sides of my head and slowly rocks my head back and forth a few times showing Kristin how to suck dick. When Carl pulls his cock out of my mouth he looks to Kristin and says for her to open her mouth, as he points his cock towards her lips. Kristin opens her mouth slightly and Carl says open more Kristin, it's not little as he grabs the side of her head and pushes his cock into her mouth, He slowly rocks her head back & forth and says very good, that she will get better in time. When he pulls his cock out from her mouth he grabs her by under the arms and says to her get up on the bed as he helps lift her up saying it's his turn. As he starts to put Kristin on the middle of the bed he says get up Kimberly. I do as he says. He tells Kristen let's get these legs wide open on the bed so he can kiss her pussy, Standing between her, he lifts one of her legs onto the bed, then the other, he has her legs spread apart wide, you can clearly see her gash thru the thin yellow panties she is wearing. Carl says to me, Kimberly come be the first one to kiss your sisters pussy. He grabs me and moves me between Kristins legs and tells me to get on my knees. As I do as he says, once on my knees my face is staring right at Kristins cunt, I then kiss her pussy over her panties. Carl says move aside some, not like that, let me show you as he gets down on his knees next to me. With one of his hands he reaches for the crotch of her panties and pushes them aside to expose my sisters pussy to us. Carl says look at that gorgeous snatch and puts his mouth over her pussy and starts to tougue her gash! He pulls away from her and says to me to kiss him so I can taste my sisters cunt. Carl and I kiss my sisters taste in one another's mouth. When we stop he says for me to get on the bed next to Kristin. I get up off my knees as Carl says let me get some more of this virgin pussy and goes back to eating Kristins pussy as I move on the bed next to her. Carl is licking her pussy & tells me to squeeze her breast. I have never put my hands on any girls breast but want to please Carl as much as I can and I softly start to rub Kristin's breast over her bra. Carl says to me to get a pillow and he tells Kristin to lay back that he's going to finger fuck her now. As Carl inserts a finger in her opening Kristin lifts up to try to move her body away from Carls finger going inside her, Carl says to Kristin for her to lay her head back on the pillow and relax that her pussy needs to get used to this. As Kristin lays back, Carl says for me to unsnap her bra and lick her nipples. As I unsnap her bra and push the cups aside, Kristin nipples are erect, she has tangerine size breast with dime size nipples. I do as Carl says, Kristin starts to slightly moan and I see her slightly start to sweat. Carl is being very aggressive with Kristins pussy, his hand motion is moving rapidly back & forth inside her opening. When he stops, he calls me to him and says let her cool off a bit I go to Carl and he puts the fingers he had in my sisters pussy and says for me to taste her juices. I open my mouth and wrap my lips around his fingers. Carl pulls them out and then grabs my butt and lifts me up to him and starts to kiss me, he then pushes me on the bed next to Kristin with him on top of me, my legs have opened, letting him between them as I land on the bed with him on top. He pushes up from me and says let's get these off meaning my purple panties. I lift my butt up slightly as Carl grabs the side of my panties and wisk them up and off from me. He waste no time in inserting his cock into me and starts to thrust his member inside of me, I love the feel of his pole opening my hole open. We are fucking laying right next to Kristin, Carl reaches for Kristin's pussy with one of his hands and tells her not to worry that he's coming back to it as he rubs her pussy and screws me at the same time. Carl and I are in rhythm when he slows down and kisses me. He stops thrusting and when he's done kissing me he says he doesn't want to cum yet, he wants to save some for Kristin as he pulls out and away from me. Kristin is just laying besides us, her legs apart, Carl moves over on top of her and starts to suck her breast, bites her nipples vigorously, Kristin moans out, she is beginning to sweat again. Carl is once again inside her panties rubbing and fingering her pussy with his hand as is mouth are on her breast getting her back on fire. He says to Kristin that he's got her pussy juices flowing that she's ready to fuck. Carl gets off the bed & grabs Kristins arms and lifts her & moves her to him where he is standing, He lowers his head to her and kisses her. He stops and says to her let's get this off you, grabbing the bra and tossing it away from her upper body. Carl says to Kristin if she is ok, she is drenched in sweat it seems. Kristin moves her head up and down meaning yes and says I've never, Carl stops her and says he knows. Kisses her again and when he stops asks Kristin if she's ready to have her panties taken off. Kristen just moves her head up and down, Carl says she has to tell him to take her panties off. I see Carls hand move down to inside her panties again to rub her pussy. Kristen moves her head towards Karl and eventually whispers out to him to take her panties off. Carl removes his hand from her pussy & gingerly lays her on the bed & tells her to lift her butt up. Carl grabs the sides of her yellow panties and pulls them away from her. Kristen is finally naked. She opens her legs wider for Carl but Carl smiles and says her pussy is getting it differently. He lifts her back up to him and makes her roll over & up on her knees. Carl is still standing on the floor. He grabs Kristins hips and moves them back to his body, he pushes her back and shoulders onto the bed, he tells her to lift her butt up as he lifts her from the stomach with his hands. he wants her legs apart. Her pussy in plain view up in the air to Carl. Carl spits on her pussy and says let's make this cunt talk. Carl has deflowered Kristin doggie style!


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  • Gave up with a headache 1/3rd way through. Desperately needs paragraphs!

  • Horseshit....idiot man

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