Mother In Law's Panties

My mother in law is quite a bit older than me (60+) but she is still quite attractive and sexy in a kinky kind of way.

I have a huge fetish for her panties and can't get enough of them! I love to look through her hamper always hoping to find her worn Vanity Fair nylon panties mixed in with her bras and pantyhose!

When I find a pair of her panties my urges become uncontrollable and I always end up playing with them,smelling the gusset (crotch), rubbing the soft nylon fabric against my cock and even wearing them on my body and on my head covering my face.

I have also kept a few pair both worn and clean ones so I could play with them anytime I wanted to!

Is this weird?


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  • Yeah normal I can lots thinking of the wife's dear old mother and her big tits and round ass x

  • I have two pair of my mil’s panties and I smell her and jerk off to her all the time.

  • All normal, my MIL is only 34, I'm 19 I too take her clothes, clean & dirty. I've even setup hidden cameras all over her room and shower. She's come home drunk, and passed out and I would would go through her phone for pics. I'm gonna be daring next time and give her some ambien when she's drunk

  • I too find the mother in law 60+ a real turn on

  • I think your wife needs to lay you more. Things like this are done out of desperation

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