My lust for my best friends son

Right now I am staying at my best friends house while she is on a work trip and I am watching her son. Let me explain a few things about myself before getting into it .

This may sound crazy but I am new to this. I am 54, single and have never owned a computer until last month. I know it sounds crazy but my entire life i refuse to purchase anything that I have to pay more for. I believe cable should be free ( so I don't own a cable box and never have and never will) I have an antenna connected to my TV. I own an old flip phone and do not have text messaging or internet access. So this is my real first time on internet and porn sites.

A year ago or so I went to pay my rent to my neighbor. When he opened the door the mirror on the wall behind him I could see his television or computer monitor and there was a video of a very young lad having sex with a much older woman. I was shocked at first but intrigued. I continued to talk only so I could get a better angle on the mirror and watch. When I got home I was so horny I masturbated to the visions of what I had seen.

I never had an attraction or desire before but now i have had fantasies of younger. When my friend asked me to watch her son for the week my pussy twitched. i masturbated to him several times before. so now i have been wearing a white t-shirt with no bra around the house. i have been trying to walk in on him nude in the shower (no luck...yet). I told him no closed doors while i am around. i'm naked in his mom's room on the computer. i am going to either play porn on loud and masturbate facing the door hoping he comes and watches...if not i don't know what to do. i have until saturday.

I want to fuck him so badly.

my pussy is tight by the way. i only use my fingers. god i hope his dick is big and he stretches me. fuck im so horny. if this doesnt work what should I do?


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  • I know that if it was me, I'd be all over you. Feeling up your tits while sucking on your nipples. I'd eat your pussy quickly making you cum, then I'd push my hard cock balls deep inside you. Then I would start pounding your pussy so hard, you couldn't help but moan out loud.

  • Hey darling, how did things turn out ? I really hope he shagged you a few times

  • Why not just seduce him in a sexy way.
    Sexy panties in a tight T-shirt walking around with a glass of wine.
    Why should his cock size matter. You should make it right regardless.
    If you want something bad enough go for it. Think of that young cock you have a chance to get and make it special

  • Nice!!!! It's so great to hear other women doing the same thing. My besty asked if her son could stay with me while he finished his last year at college, while they moved to another state. Since my kids all went away to school I had the extra space. Hubby was deployed, and I was home alone. Didn't take long before the flirting started, the private dinners, going out to the movies, shopping, and just hanging around. I was being a nosy mother and went through his things looking for drugs, but found my dirty panties, some of my clothes too. I was turned on. He had a girl friend. But one morning after my shower, I went downstairs and started making breakfast, still in my robe, and then Chris comes down in nothing but just his boxers, the only thought I was having was fucking him, he grab the OJ from the fridge and somehow he was behind me, and I turned around and just opened my robe, and the next thing I knew he was deep in me. 6 months of my life this young man spent fucking me, and sleeping in my bed

  • As a young boy 15 my wife's sister was such a turn on slim blonde small boobs anyway I was always masterbating over her.
    She was looking after me one evening I didn't wait had to go relieve my stress and she walked in as I was mid session she looked and then closed the door came and sat next to me smiled and sucked my cock, I came in her mouth almost at once she swallowed then carried on sucking me to orgasm again.
    She ended up letting me fuck her and take my virginity.
    For many years it was our secret and I learned sooo much.

  • Did u fuck him?

  • I made him fuck me til 6 in the morning. Made sure he didn't go to school either. Nice fat dick on him too. Pretty big at his age. Much bigger then I expected. Stretched me nice. little fucker makes me cum hard!

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