A woman caught me fucking her friend

It was late afternoon when I went to see my friend when I got there I had to piss so I stepped behind the house and passed. my Dick got hard and I saw her friend standing there looking at me. She said "hey do you wanna do some fuckin" I said yeah and she said okay. She pulled her shorts off and walked over to me and turned around and bent over. I fucked her and pulled out and she stood up and said hey let's fuck the dog put your Dick in and I'll look I'll make sure nobody sees I put my Dick in the dog and screwed hard trying to cum when my friend came outside. we didn't hear her come outside when she stepped behind me and reached her hand between my legs and she played with my balls telling me to cum keep screwing hard I screwed hard for twenty minutes with her rolling my balls in her hand finally I was at the point when I had to pull out and cum she knew she said cum so I pushed in all the way and they both laughed at me cause they knew I almost couldn't cum

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