Three girls me and a dog

I was in the bedroomone day on the bed laying there with three girls and a dog, we were all naked and the girls said they were going to suck the dog and make it cum. They got on their knees on the bed and the dog stood up and one of them took the dogs balls and started playing with them, one of them took the dogs dick and started playing with it and one of them said what do I get to play with and the two girls said to her play with his balls when we're finished and play with dick. She looked at me and said I wanna play with your dick. She took my hard Dick in her hand and slowly jacked me off for a minute and said wait I'm gonna make you want me to do it, I'm gonna make you cry, you'll need to cum so bad. She held my Dick tight and teased me, telling me I won't cum. I said play with it and she said wait and I'll play with it. (to be continued)

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  • One of my girlfriends was over and started letting my dog sniff her, she asked me if I ever let him do anything with me. I told her no not at all and then she pulled her bikini bottom down and off. She got off the bed onto the floor on her hands and knees while my dog began exploring her. I could hear his tongue lapping on her and she was moaning that I should try this because it feels great.

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