¿ Maybe I'm just a damn fool ?

¿ Is it ever right to be the good friend and have noone at all care. ¿ Is it right to always be there for somebody who doesn't care. In a lonely little world where the one and only somebody is all I live for and that somebody doesn't want me to be there, ¿ is it right to have feelings about somebody, ¿ should I not feel anything for somebody at all. Tell me I'm only a fool for being a part of her life she says she doesn't want. I ask myself ¿ why do I bother trying to be a part of her life, ¿ does anyone have any answers, if anyone has answers please comment.

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  • Woman is likely devil, you shouldn't feel about woman if it may be that somebodys made you feel like you feel, could anyone give tell of say relationship or momenta in life why anyone would have feelings for somebody after it's over ?

  • I feel a little better now, but I still have to work on me being a better me, you know what I mean. I guess I only felt like I live for her but I guess I live for other things too. Maybe there are other things to live for. There is always somebody new. That's right. I think I would want her to be a little like me though. Maybe, I'm okay right now. Yeah, I'm okay olen kunnossa. Okay. okei.

  • En ole kunnossa
    that's how you feel, is it, can it be or do you feel that you have only had a sad moment in time which has made you feel like this ?

  • Mitra, pay not mind to feelings for fools, they only want you to hurt you (your feelings) you know it's right these words, if whomever's got you "down" pick yourself up, try to ignore what it is you feel

  • Кунносса

  • Mitre, what seems to be the matter, please tell me. Is it time itself which makes it so difficult for you ? is that the reasons now why you can't lеt go of the feelings you have ?

  • Feelings change ystävä, for better and for worse. It's up to somebody that could try to make your feelings change
    Believe that your feelings can change with time and effort, the attempt to make your feelings change for the better, you do know that ?

  • Who commented first ? the comment says "move on" the post is about somebody, yeah it is but it doesn't tell who, does anyone know or is someone paranoid ?

  • Мiтrа, iт's окау iт sноцldn'т gет то уоц.

  • It's not important what comment was first, my dear ystävä, already I'm seeing you are feeling some better

  • Move on

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