Blonde girls and a dog

I want to watch little girls jack off a dog until it cums and I want to watch them suck the dogs dick. I want to play with my dick while they do it. It's a fantasy to watch one girl play with the dogs balls while another one plays with its dick and they take turns sucking its dick and balls.I would want them to be naked and when they finished with the dog they could suck my dick and balls and jack me off until I cum. are there any girls out there that would do this ? Let me know okay



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  • Oh, yes please uncle. Me and my twin sister love to do that with our pet. He has a nice big juicy popsicle.

  • Okay nobody comments so I am free to post

  • Suck a dogs balls

  • Lick my prick.How would you know they're little

  • No none you filthy prick, piss off with such a queer fantasy you need a giant kick in your little balls.

  • Somebody wants to suck somebody's balls

  • Fuck your komment ฯ

  • Maybe you wanna suck my balls

  • I don't believe it was

  • No it wasn't

  • Is that you Robyn or a friend who commented the first comment

  • Thought

  • It wasn't

  • Who are you ? please tell me. comment in the next minute if you don't mind, why don't you ?

  • I наvе апsщея

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