My first experience with the opposite sex

She and I were sitting in the downstairs living room, it was really late on a new years eve night, morning really. I think most of the guests had left by now because her mom told us to get ready for bed, she told us that a few others were spending the night so I would be sleeping on the floor in my cousins room. My cousin is a truly beautiful woman now and then she was one of the hottest teens I knew, she had boobs that required a bra at about the fifth grade. We are about the same age with her being four months older but in terms of looks she had me by a mile, I was this straight up thin guy who could not play a sport to save my own life.
I spread out a sleeping bag and pillow on the floor of her room and slid into it, she returned from the bathroom where she had changed into her nightgown. Her room was not large and she did not have to walk right over my head to go to her bed but she did just that and I was staring right up her gown. She stopped right over me, put her feet apart a little more then leaned over a bit and pulled the front of her gown forward, I could see everything right up to her neck and she was doing it on purpose. I did not even have words for what was going on but she must have heard our mothers coming because she stepped to the side and got into bed just as they were walking into the room to tell us good night.
I laid there after I heard the door close still smelling the alcohol from my mothers kiss good night, I could not get the image of Shelly standing over me with her gown pulled forward. Her breasts were bigger than I even imagined, her nipples were erect from the excitement of it I guess and her pubic hair was not really thick at all and I saw her lips. She waited for a few minutes before talking to me, she asked if I liked what she did when she came back from the bathroom. I told her yes and then added I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life. We had some more conversation about her body then I heard her moving around in her bed, she opened her night stand drawer and I looked up towards her. There was a small night light across the room by her door but it was not enough light to see her, she got out of bed and asked me if she could see mine. She turned on a flashlight and pointed down at me lighting up my legs, she told me to open up my sleeping bag and pull down my shorts. I did so and she shined the light right on me then bent over and with her other hand she reached right out and wrapped her fingers around my cock. I was trembling from her touch, my cock sprang to life in seconds under her touch and one of her first comments was how warm and hard it felt. Her hand went down to my testicles and she fondled them a bit then slid back up my shaft pulling on my cock more.
She told me she wanted to see me have an orgasm, she had read about it but wanted to see one. Her next move surprised me even more as she put her feet on either side of me then sat down right on my chest, I could feel her pubic hair on my skin and just make out her butt cheeks in the light about a foot from my face. She turned her head around and looked down at me and asked if she was to heavy for me, I told her she was not heavy at all and I was perfectly fine. The next thing I discovered was her scent, she had a wonderful scent to her and I stared at her ass in the dim light while I felt her hands on my cock. She had set the flashlight on the edge of her bed and both of her hands were now playing with my cock stroking and squeezing it, some of it hurt a bit because there was no lubrication at all but I did not complain one bit. She gripped the shaft and was doing something else with just her fingers around my head, my orgasm was welling up quickly and I told her I was about to cum and did just that, she let out a small gasp and kept on stroking me, I could hear making giggle sounds as she played with my cock stroking it up and down spreading my sperm all over it. She had also slid back more on my chest and I could feel her wetness on my chest, I could not stand it anymore and lifted my head up as far as I could putting my nose right into the middle of her ass cheeks. Her scent was overwhelming and I stuck my tongue out and licked her right on her anus, she immediately lifted herself up on her knees and slid back further, my arms were under her legs so it was all up to her for position and she put her pussy right down on my face. I licked her a few times in wide strokes then like it was programmed into me I plunged right into her spreading her lips and licking her deeply. Her hips were moving around as I was licking, I had no idea at the time but she was trying to get me to lick her clit. She moved it right onto my tongue and whispered for me to lick her there, I felt it on my tongue and she let out whispered gasps telling me yes, lick me right there on my clit. I moved my tongue around it and over it flicking it back and forth while feeling her tremble and press into me more, she not only had a great scent but she tasted like heaven. I then felt the most wonderful feeling in the world for the first time as she gathered up my cock with her tongue and sucked on me. She would alternate just licking and sucking and I was loving every bit of it as I devoured her pussy, I have no idea how long she was on my face but suddenly she started spreading her legs more and pushing down on my face harder. I was licking her clit as fast as I could and she had both her hands on my hips pushing against my face, she began moving her hips really quickly and was gasping out in whispers as she had an orgasm I felt her pulsation on my lips, her whole pussy was moving in contractions against me. She collapsed down onto me just shaking and pulsating on me and not knowing what else to do just kept on licking her, she pulled up off of me a few times then told me not so hard just do it gently. I licked her in long slow strokes as she moaned and told me I was doing it perfectly, she lowered her head back down and I felt her sucking on my cock again. We stayed that way for a bit and I just loved every second of it as I licked and drank in her pussy. She told me I was a mess then grabbed the flashlight off the bed to shine it right down on me, she looked around for a second then started licking it up, she looked down at me and asked me if I enjoyed doing this then laughed. She told me that this was her first time touching and sucking on a penis and I told her that it was mine as well then asked her what possessed her to do this tonight. She told me she had no idea why but it came to her in the bathroom as she was getting her gown on, she had the idea to come into the room and stand over my head acting like she had no idea that i could see up her gown. When she actually did it she got really excited and wanted to touch my cock, she had no plan really and did not even think all of this would happen.
We would have fun over the next few years pleasuring each other and even now when we see each other at family events we talk all the time and there is no embarrassment at all. She is married with two kids and just a few months ago when we were all at her mothers house her husband had not come to the get together. She grabbed my arm while she was looking out the back window into the yard at everyone and told me quick lets go upstairs for a minute. I followed her up the stairs and believe it or not I was not even thinking about sex because it had been years and she never even brought it up. We walked into her old bedroom and she closed the door, she told me we do not have long and I was standing there like it I always did back then in a daze. She pushed me toward the bed and told me to get my pants off then lifted her shirt over her head and unsnapped her bra, her breasts were even better after kids and still full for breastfeeding. I did what she wanted as always and watched in amazement as she kneeled right down on the floor and swallowed my cock sucking on it hard and fast. I looked down at her and asked her if she would sit on my face again, she looked up at me and popped my cock out of her mouth. She told me she could not do it right now because of mother nature, I was really bummed out about it but watched her lips around my cock sucking on me as her hand gripped my shaft and stroked it. She is a really beautiful woman in every way, I came in like three minutes and she moaned out swallowing it all and sucking on me for a few minutes afterwards. She was squeezing the sperm out of me then licking the tip making sure to get it all as she put it then she asked me if I was free anyday next week. She could come over sometime during the day if I wanted her to and she would love to sit on my face. I told her to name the day and I would call in sick to work.
She showed up wearing a long sundress and flip flops, she is so sexy from her toes all the way to her head. I watched her walking up my sidewalk thinking why in the hell does she want to come over here and let me make love to her. She is so beautiful that she could have any man she set her sights on yet here she is walking in my front door to make love to me without any strings. We started in pretty much right away and I had her top off right away and began kissing her breasts and nipples, they were like bottle tops then I thought about it for a second and asked her if she wanted her nipples played with because of breastfeeding. She told me that she did not pump this morning before coming over for this very reason and I sucked her nipple deep into my mouth. She let out a long moan as I filled my mouth with milk, I licked and sucked on them for a bit then we moved back to my bedroom and she undressed the rest of the way and told me to lay down on my bed. She straddled my chest and told me she had been thinking about this for the whole drive over, I looked at her pussy as she lowered herself down onto me and began licking it right away. My God she is hot!


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  • Great story

  • Reminds me of my youth,same situation except the milky breast.... yum yum. Also tell the English teacher that left the comment to shut the fuck up it’s a confession not a book report.

  •’s called paragraphs....

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