Panties at 13th birthday from Mom

I recently turned 13 and my mom threw a small party for me at home. She invited around a dozen of my school friends, whom a few were guys. It all went smoothly until gift opening time. The ones from the friends were simple and ordinary, like you would expect to get!! When it came to opening my moms gift I received quite a surprise!! It was a Victoria Secrets bag in a box, one of the girls pulled out a bra that had a panty attached to it in pink that was a thong. All the girls started saying whooohoo!!! There was another one in the bag in almost sheer white that I quickly pulled out and put back in because they looked very thin and tiny even though they were bikini panties. I was so embarrassed because of the guys seeing, but yet excited!! Later that night one of the guys text me and said I got cute underwear. I replied yea and thanks. Would be nice to see you in them was his response. I sent Ha! Ha! back to him. When I went to bed that night it was all I could think about, him seeing me in them. A couple of days passed and this same guy texts me again and asks if I've worn my new underwear yet? I reply back NO. He responds by saying he liked to be the first guy to see my new bra and panties since my mom knows I'm not a little girl anymore. I didn't reply back. When I was leaving school Friday he comes behind me and whispers in my ears, Amanda wear those white panties under a skirt to the movies tomorrow and to sit with him. I don't know if I am brave enough or will be brave enough to do it? I did try the white panties on, they cover very little and are so thin. I am scared to wear to movies in skirt. I do want him to see me in them, but not at movies. Eager and Nervous


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  • I want to see you in them and kiss and cuddle you sexy boy!!!

  • I want to see you in them

  • Would be a lot better if you got that present and you were a boy, my mother was divorced very early and continually had me dress, play, act and appear as a girl at home, I even had to piss sitting down, I got to love it and have been a cross dresser for 4 years now it is great.

  • I am a girl.

  • I know but I was just saying it would be so very sexy if you were a boy and received panties and lingerie from your mother like I did when I was young.

  • Do as he wants , I was in a similar situation at your age. You will soon find out how wonderful it is not only to show him your panties but let him touch them and more while you are wearing them.

  • Also, do you think he will try to take them off?

  • I'm sure he is it's okay honey start experiencing some life and lust

  • You were right!!! happened today...

  • I think I am going to, thanks

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