Sex with my Brother In Law

When I was 14, my Brother in law had too sleep in the middle of my Twin and I's Queen size Bed. I woke up about 2 am and run my hand under the covers, wanting too see how big His was. I touched his Balls and moved my fingers up and he had a Hard On. I moved Two Fingers up to the opening of his Boxer Shorts. It was real Warm. I took it out and started Stroking it. I got so Horny, I billowed up the Covers and went under them. I placed my mouth on it and started to Suck Him off. I couldn't lean up anymore and pulled by his Butt over to me. He threw one Leg over me and moaned, like he was asleep. I proceeded to Deep Throat Him in and out until I felt Him cum in my Mouth. Then he turned over and went to sleep. I met him the next Night on a Dirt Road in the Dark to tell him not to say anything. I wanted too see how big it was. I said, Can I see it again and he took it out. I Sucked Him off again. We had Sex Many times after that till he Died. He was 24 when we had it the First time and I am Now Married but, Bi-Sexual now.

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