Step Daughter Lust

My 18 year old step-daughter is so sexy and cute I constantly fantasise about doing anything and everything filthy with her.

I've been licking and wanking off into her dirty knickers for a while now but this morning, as she wasn't there and her Mum had gone to work, before I left, I went in her room, grabbed a used pair, put them on and laid in her bed naked and wanking over pics of her. The feel of her bed and the lace on my balls had me cumming pretty quick and I cleaned up with a white pair of hers and left with a smile!

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  • C'mon!!!!! Listen if she's anything like my step daughter just let her get drunk. Mine was so wasted I had to pick her up a few times, couldn't walk or talk. I unlocked her phone and just went through her messages and photos. Mine is a slut, and I got all her nudes off her phone, used her own finger to unlock her phone, sometimes she's so wasted she has no clue I felt her up. And when we let her have a pool party here, she was so wasted she had no clue I was in the room taking off her bikini. I fucked her real good, and of course I took a video, and the whole time she was moaning and calling her bf's best friends name.

  • I did that with my step daughters panties,and i would open her toothpaste tube and drip my cum in it then put it back.when she would come in from school she would change clothes in the bathroom, then pee then brush her teeth.i would get a hard on knowing she was tasting my cum.iam pretty sure she knew,we played around some,mostly massaging her

  • Filthy beast

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