Licking girls assholes

I have such a desire to lick finger and eats girls assholes. I would rather do that first before eating-her pussy. Just the stigma of it being taboo is exciting. Also it’s such a personal part of a women’s body. We don’t get to see play,lick, taste and finger that pink little rosebud

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  • What? You can't see it? Get a one of those lights you wear around the head. Big head that is. I love this done to me. If I know I'm going to have sex I don't wipe after I take a shit. I leave that to my lover to lick me clean. I had one man who insisted I shit all over his face. So I got some Dulcolax just for him. Try it honey your woman will be so pleased.

  • Oh baby you can shit on me anytime. I love scat play so much.

  • I understand if she just jumped out of the shower. I’ve had one nighters with girls who I would never due not showering first. But yes... most females love anal fore play before a hard pounding.
    Hope you continue to have fun

  • OH !! yuck how gross

  • Gross? No it's a beautiful thing you should give it a try.

  • It feels amazing, don't knock it until you try it.

  • Yes it's so amazing. I love licking my wife's ass right after she takes a fresh dump. Hell yeah!

  • Your a sicko pervert!

  • What about the poo aspect? How do you get around that? Honestly I’m curious

  • I don't understand? Why would you want to get around it? I prefer the woman not clean anything. Love her pussy after a good piss also. Very erotic makes my cock harder than Viagra.

  • If a person has bathed properly beforehand they are clean everywhere. The rule of thumb l go by is sniff first, and if it smells like shit don't go there.

  • 🍑🤤😋👅

  • I love to rim a clean sweet ass. Putting my tongue as far as I can inside her.

  • Hell with that my friend the dirtier the better. I have also stock things in my girlfriends ass and then eat them after she pushes them back out. Things like a Tootsie Roll one of the large size ones and also a Baby Ruth. But you have to work fast cause the warmth of the anus will melt the chocolate pretty quickly.

  • I have found that women love it as foreplay, I have been in three long term relationships and all three loved it, two of them had never been played with like that during foreplay. My wife will slide her hand down while I am licking her anus and rub her clit but sometimes I stop her from doing it so she is just aching for it when my tongue finally goes to it.

  • Yes, I love doing this to my girl. It gets her crazy hot. I make sure I cuff her wrists so she can't touch herself or push me away while I lick her gorgeous ass. Her knees positioned high at her sides, and ass raised with a pillow ready for 'play time'. She wears a butt plug beforehand to open her hole because she likes my tongue deep. Recently, I've discovered the delightful torture that the featherlight strokes of a soft makeup brush can bring to her pussy lips and clit while feasting on her nether portal. That makes the juices really pour from her sweet peach. I love to feel her ass squeezing my tongue when I eventually allow her to cum.

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