Question about my sexy mom in law

Love my sexy mom in law, watched her changed a few times. she has got such a sexy body. she is 60. To cut a long story short, I noticed how she used to stare at my crotch a lot and I got really turned on by it. Today was her birthday and I sent her a pair of sexy lace panties. she didn't tell my wife and thanked me for it. I wonder what is on her mind. any thoughts?

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  • She said has worn both pairs. What a turn on knowing that she wears panties I bought for her. hope she came in them

  • This was my other post, if anyone is interested ;)

  • I bought my mother a full set of lingerie for her birthday wanted to fuck her real bad.

  • What did she say about it?

  • My MIL bought me boxer shorts one year for Christmas so I returned the favor by giving her a selection of Victoria Secret thongs and sheer briefs. She called me up when my FIL was on a golf trip and asked me to come over after work because the dishwasher would not work. I showed up and she was wearing a pair of the sheer panties with a button down shirt, just one button done up. It was pretty see thru and with her large boobs things were exposed.
    I told the gift looked great on her and she turned around giving me a great view.

  • I hope she will show it to me someday

  • She wants her son in law deep inside her tight old pussy

  • I want to be deep inside her

  • She is inspecting your crouch to try and determine where you hide that minute cock of yours.

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