I've had the same girlfriend for about tens years now. And she's never sucked my dick. But that's ok. I don't mind at all. You see, when I want my dick sucked I go to my other friend. She gives the best head I have ever had. Heck!! She's a freaking pro at it. She makes me cum so many times I get exhausted and weak. I can hardly move. I have no strength at all. My long term girlfriend can't top that. But my other girl has had way more practice then my regular girlfriend. That's because she also has a nine inch dick hanging between her legs. And after she finishes giving me the best head I've ever had, she fucks the shit out of me for at least two hours. After that we both lay there exhausted and weak, and kissing and planning the next time we'll see each other. This woman is amazing. She does many things that my real girl would never do. Because of that I will never let her go.

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  • Amen, brother.

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