The Other Bitch

My husband came home one day many years ago and told me he had feelings for a woman at work. He moved out and soon moved in with her. Then he would come home and fuck me and back to her. I figured I wasn't giving u without a fight you know. So I have been sharing him for the last eight years and she gets most of the holidays not me. When they have a fight he's back in my bed for a few days and we fuck like nothing has changed. Then they make up and back he goes. I told him to tell her I don't mind sharing him with her but I want equal time. I have threatened to tell her but I won't cause it would make him very mad and he might leave me for good. So I just am there anytime he wants me. She doesn't know he's still fucking me. I think she must be stupid. I'm not going to give in. I'm going to win in the end. Thing is I could be having sex with other men but I'm not. I don't want to. I just want him back where he belongs. He says he doesn't love me anymore but I know he's not being truthful. Friends say I should divorce him and move on. But I love him. I don't think about it when he's with her. I just pretend he's a traveling salesmen on the road. Waiting for our next time together. I really don't get what he gets out of their relationship. She's a very controlling and jealous type. I'm the total opposite. I allow him the freedom to be himself even if that means he's with someone else. I tell you again I'm going to win him back. Then fuck his brains out. Maybe I need another man to make him jealous. Like if he was to return to find me in bed fucking another man see how he'd feel then. Yes that's what I should do give him a dose of his own medicine. Let him find me riding a nice big hard dick. He'd probably pull up a chair and watch though. He has told me he would like to see me fucking and sucking another man off. Thing is his girlfriend wouldn't do that. Yes I'm going to do it. My mind is made up. Lets see her compete with that.


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  • I'd fuck you both with my huge cock and you'd forget all about him. Message me back if your interested. You won't regret it. At least you'd be teaching him a lesson he won't forget.

  • You've wasted years of your life on this guy. It's time to move on, unless that's all you can get.

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