Horny wife needs and desires sex

My husband and I have been married a long time. About ten years ago he was in a car accident that left him in a wheelchair and unable to have sex. He can't keep an erection or ejaculate. I am at my wits end. He told me about a year ago to find someone and get what I need. I have passed the point of holding out for any hope he will do anything with me. Just the other day he said he has no desire for sex anymore. Well I do and am pretty much desperate now. I don't care I just need a man to take care of my needs and will be glad to made him feel good as well. It doesn't matter to me what race you are just that you are willing to meet me part way. Horny wife.

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  • Hi darling would you consider a Lesbian relationship I am just over men at the moment my husband is no longer interested in any type of sex and the two guys that I had relationships with have been cheating so I dropped them, I have no experience but maybe we can learn and enjoy together ?

  • Honey I'me your man, shy single 35 well built keep myself fit and stylish, I don't have an oversize penis but it is average and I can use it very well, I only have sex with my ex and she with me so no problems there, let me know where you are please.

  • Darling I am very interested in sex with you, I am prepared to pay as long as you are the right lady for me and don't fuck around, I would like to meet to discuss our mutual needs, at that time if everything was OK I would like to sort of test you a little first having you give me a nice blow job then having me mount you doggie style for anal sex just to ensure you can fit me in without discomfort, on hard I am just under 8", thick and very firm.

  • Sounds real good to me, I am single of good English stock own my own company, nice home etc. 55 with a 71/2" and thick member so am certain I could satisfy you, I don't want anybody clingy or demanding just outright friendship and sex "mainly sex" that would include anal and I love blowjobs maybe take you on the odd nice overseas holiday at cloth's optional resorts I like those and attend at least twice a year, because of my business interests I am not readily available but sure you would get used to my free time.
    For the last 3 years I have used a regular paid high class cougar for my sexual needs or the old five finger shuffle but am a bit concerned about her having other customers.
    Please advise if you might like also about where you are and we might meet ?

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