Restrained sex

I am by most accounts a normal woman in her early 30's, went to work right out of college, dated, dreamed and met a wonderful guy. He treats me like a queen and quite often I feel like there is not a thing he would not do for me. I bring him happiness in all areas of our life together and have always told him that if I have not thought of something he would like me to do with him then just talk to me. I came to him with this one though and he was really thrown back at first but was game to try it.
I brought up the idea of bound sex, me in whatever position he could imagine and for as long as he wanted or I could take which ever came first, so to speak. We launched right into it with a trip to the Home Depot for rope and also some other hardware like the loop things you screw into the ceiling and other things that we have creatively turned from hardware to sex set up stuff. We play most weekends and I have to say that I end up pleasured beyond words most of the time, I cannot even see myself getting more pleasure sometimes. I have literally been in a constant orgasm session for half an hour just pulsating and contracting over and over. He is very creative and has even made some sex toys that are unbelievable, made from hardware tools and plumbing supplies. He created a vibrating, gyrating dildo that also plunges in and out of me a few inches and when put at the right location feels incredible, like I am never going to stop having an orgasm. He lubes that thing up so it is dripping then puts some on and in me, I am bound spread out and legs up high while it spreads and vibrates me to ecstasy and beyond.
I have also given him plenty of surprises by being restrained when he arrives home from work, I always leave one hand for the end when I hear the door opening and just loop it thru and pull it tight. I love the expression on his face when he sees me or if I am blindfolded the sounds and touches he gives me upon finding me.
I love that man and totally surrender myself to him, he tells me that I am amazing and he thinks he is the lucky one.

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  • Looks like you have a lot of fun with it, my wife is the same way. I have come home to her tied off to furniture or just bound up on the bed or floor.

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