My wife loves cock

My wife has always loved to play with my cock, she comes up with different things all the time. She has even hung out in the garage with me and she will just suck me while I am doing something else. I was under my car one time laying on my creeper but I was only under it to about my stomach, she walked out and asked me how it was going. I started feeling her rubbing on my cock thru my coveralls, they have a double zipper on them and she pulled it upward, dug my cock out and sucked me off. No foreplay or anything, just a hard cock sucking followed by a that is just what I needed, I told her me too.
We are now in our fifties and thanks to a lot of hard work and doing things right we are retired, she came to me with this idea about playing with other guys but anonymously. She even showed me a video of a woman in a video room sucking guys off thru a hole in the wall, neither one of us wanted to try that out and we surely did not want strangers coming to our house so a few days later I came up with an idea to rent a house for a month and set something up over there. She was excited about it and we talked about how we would want to do it.
We found a house with an attached garage that had a side entrance door, the plan was to replace the door going into the house with one that had an opening in it. Men could walk in and be hidden then just stick their cocks thru and have them played with by her. We also figured that the safest way to do it was to use a condom, not her preferred way to give blow jobs but the safest by far. We set it all up and she told me to go out there and stick mine thru the door, I did it and she attacked it like a vacuum cleaner sucking on me hard and fast, I could hear her moaning and slurping on me and thinking that guys are going to absolutely love this even with a condom on them.
We rented the house for a month and had about two dozen guys show up over probably twenty days of trying. I know we had a repeat black guy show up several times because his cock was very distinctive, she loved his and held it in her hands telling me it was a monster. I remember the condom barely stretched over it and when he came back the second time he had an extra large one that he gave her to put on him after she stroked on him for a bit. One guy showed up and had to be in his late seventies, I watched him walking from his car and thought my god he has to be twenty years older than I am, I walked downstairs and was just about to tell her some really old guy had showed up when I saw the gray pubic mound in the opening. His sack was so droopy that it was dragging on the bottom of the opening and he was practically yelling out when he finally came.
It was quite the experience and we even worried one time that we had some teenager show up but he actually took out his license and showed her that he was over eighteen, she told him okay and sucked him off twice.

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