Blow job princess

I have always enjoyed giving oral to a guy, not sure why but the sensation of sucking on a penis just gets me very turned on. My mom made me laugh so hard one time because I needed braces and when we were at the office talking with the dentist she told him that it took her forever to get me to stop sucking on my thumb. I just sat there thinking about how much I enjoyed sucking and wondered if it was a connection. Do I just crave oral interaction as a source of comfort? I really started thinking about it because I really also love suckers in all the flavors but is it the flavor or is it me being relaxed by oral stimulation.
I started out pretty young doing it to my brother, my idea actually, and he really enjoyed letting me do it. I think I started shortly after reading about how to give a perfect BJ in one of the popular women's magazines, I was thinking to myself that my brother probably would not mind me practicing on him at all and I was right. He even told me one time that he would give anything to be able to go back to our teen summer years and lay back while I sucked him off a few times a day. I told him so sorry Jimmy but why does your wife not enjoy doing it, he had no answer for me, just told me that his brother in law was one lucky guy.
My husband is absolutely thrilled with my obsession and sometimes receives multiple ones a day or even multiple orgasms from constant sucking. I gave him a blow job on like our third date and he has never stopped wanting to be with me since. I love to do it and he tells me all the time that he loves it and I make him feel great. I tell him all the time on the weekends that he can just ask me to do it and I will, he has received quite a few on some days, I have given him a dozen before in one day because sometimes I think he tries to see if I will tell him no. I waited about half an hour after the last one I gave him then walked right up to him sitting in his chair, kneeled down and started pulling down his shorts. This was after at least ten that day and he was grimacing for the first few minutes telling me that the head of his cock was actually sore from all the sucking. I went and got some lube then stroked on him while licking and sucking on his balls while he came, he did not ask me for any oral the rest of the day and the next morning he showed me his cock, it was red with a ring of darker red below his head. I told him I would massage it for him and put some lotion on it afterwards.


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  • I'll tell ya, there's goddamn women every goddamn where hell meet a goddamn another one hell

  • Damn you jus love suckin dick, I wanna meet you

  • My wife will suck me anytime I ask and customize the BJ whatever my mood is at the time. Yes I have had my dick raw from over doing it and actually had to take a couple days off of BJ's. A raw dick inside of her pussy feels extremely sensitive and quite awesome. There are just not enough good women out there or these dudes wouldn't be chasing other dudes to blow.

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