I would love to lick every pussy i see

I love to lick pussy, my greatest fantasy is to meet a group of friends and have them take turns riding my face until they all cum. They dont even have to be pretty or fit, i like all pussy. I know this is gross but eating pussy is my passion.

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  • Well I love having my snatch eaten. Boy do I. More so than getting a good pounding. Did I say I really love being licked and eaten. I'll even piss all over you for your trouble. I have been know to squirt if you really do it right long enough and hard enough.

  • All you pussy eaters can come over and eat my pussy while my hubby is at work. He's pretty much useless. Not only does he have a small tiny penis but he won't even give me the pleasure of eating my pussy. And since nothing is ever going inside of me I'm really clean. I would love to have my pussy eaten. But really need a good fucking.

  • I’d eat you out every chance I got. I’d even eat that cream pie from a hot guy that you wanted. Don’t be afraid to email me either

  • You sound like me but in reverse! Wife hates having it done and I live for it! Kills me! I need someone like you in Ft. Lauderdale to munch on.

  • Send us your email address

  • I could eat as much College pussy known to man. I would love seeing the difference in each of their pussies and how each one acted differently. One night at a bar a met an older female and we got on the subject of sex. I told her how I love going down and how I start. She got excited and explained to me how most guys don’t spend enough time down there. As we continued to drink she said if I was up to it she would love to have me over. I ate her pussy over and over. She came multiple times even to a point of begging me to fuck her. She said I could back up everything that I had said. She was convinced she wanted to have me over real soon. The next weekend but I never hooked up on it as I said.. I like tasting different pussies all the time.

  • I love eating pussy myself, but I would never eat every pussy I've ever seen. Some pussy is just flat out disgustingly rank, rancid smelling shit. I have literally gagged and puked my guts out trying to go down on one chick I met once.

  • I was sitting facing a guy friend, were just smoking and talking. I leaned back and spread my legs to give him a little peek since I wasn’t wearing panties. To my wonderful surprise he just got down on his knees, pushed my skirt up more and started eating my pussy like he was starving. We had never even kissed. I came so hard.

  • Love eating pussy, its my second favorite

  • Mmm, that has my dick so hard. I would have loved to do that.

  • My boyfriend being right inside made it even better. I thought I’d explode trying to keep quiet!

  • That is so hot. Have you let him eat you again since?

  • Oh god yes. We fool around all the time.

  • Oh gawd.

  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wup1cEdgOWs

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