The best of both sides.

I'm a single dad with a 9 yo daughter. I'm all she's know. Her mom left when she was 8 months. Last year My 23 year old niece Ashley came by and had her, very sexy, best friend with her named Alexia. We drank and partied all night. From the first night I met Alexia, I wanted to fuck her. Instead I became her weekend baby sitter for her 7 and 8 yo daughters. 2 weeks ago on a friday night, Alexia came to pick up Samantha and Abigail, she was so trashed and high on meth, begged me to get high with her. So we did. She confessed that she loved thinking about my daughter Haley while masturbating. then pulls me to the middle of all three kids and asks me was that wrong. Lexi then takes off her clothes! I told her that i've been taking baths with her girls when I keep them all night. She takes off Haleys panties and spits on her pussy and starts licking it, telling me to get behind her and fuck her and make her squirt all over. She demanded I not cum, but let her jack my cock till I cum over all those bald pussies. I was soo hard when I woke up and we were all naked. Lexi spent the morning taking showers and playing with all three girls. Assured me that shed be here next Friday with thong panties for our lil sluts as she called them. I cant wait!!!


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  • Hey you are so lucky I wish I could have been there to lick their little vaginas how did they taste if you could please send me more stories about them and I love vaginas.

    I would also be so grateful if you could send me a pair of your daughters dirtypanties I would love that so much and I would love to sniff and lick and rub my cock and c** in them and I would love to see your little pussy if you could send me a picture of her naked and a picture of her titties and pussy thank you very much.

  • Same😂

  • You can send the pictures to my email and also email me stories about them

  • My wife asked me to teach my step daughter about sex. She encouraged me to talk to her about it and show her my penis. My wife asked me to teach my step daughter how to have sex. She asked me to let our daughter watch us have sex and has me to do things with her now. So far my wife has taught her how to give me a blowjob and has had me go down on her. My wife wants me to have sex with our daughter and I'm sure it will happen very soon.

  • I wish you had footage

  • Lucky man lexi sounds like a keeper

  • Call the cops on this criminal perv!

  • Do you like that turd on youtube calls herself "songals" all she does is fuck on about mm and talks about herself comparing herself to mm all the time and I do think she is jealous more then she lets on give mm and her are around the same age and I am younger and I am not jealous at all. She is rude and narcissistic herself just talking and just using her video site as a means to tantrum and exhibitionism about herself. and god can she be rude. talking about mm having a colonoscopy on the street or needing to do a poo. its not funny so what if mm had to or she might have had surgery or illness , like what is it to you old girl? stop talking about yourself if you been married so many times and so clever go get a job and get off youtube and stop obsessing over mm. your a drunk dumb scoff at others. and there are others who have more relevent exposing of harry and mm that is not so rude but real exposing of their evil without talking about themselves all the time. go take your cocktails and go to a bar hon and get laid and get a life cuz no one is feeling sorry for your asshole songals you are very rude and crazy mad nutcase. someone should put you away. calling mm a slut. yah she might be a slut but everyone else is saying it as well without using all the self talk. clearly she just wants to be diana again but does she want to die like her and have a bad marriage like her too? go blonde her hair and cut it short too. white her skin too ? we all waiting for it. wako as hell. harry can paint himself black and go be a bond actor.

  • This guy is talking about abusing his kids, and let me get this right, you’re complaining about Prince Harry and Megan Markle?

  • Sicko

  • 2 well placed bullets would cure both of your diseased minds.

  • Contact?

  • K1k?

  • You both should be shot.

  • Parenting at it's finest

  • Gross.

  • You fucking sick fuck!!!

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