Married but, love to wear panties 24/7

I am a married male and I love to wear panties 24/7. I do not own or wear men's underwear at all. My wife knows i am a submissive panty wearing sissy and she is ok with me wearing them and other things. I have dressed fully in the past before I met her and even gone out to a gay club to watch a drag show which i loved so much and knew and felt that I fit right in with the other girls/drag queens. I always hope that someone will see my panties on me or like see my panty waist line above my jeans and know i am wearing them. I have been to the doctors and have worn my panties and i felt so excited knowing they knew i was wearing . I have also gone swimming in the pool in pink silky bikini style panties and my neighbors have seen me in them but, now lol they don't speak to me but, at least they know now. I would love to have friends who know and understand me wearing and would love to have a complete makeover and have someone take pictures or even videos of me.

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  • I understans. I love to wear panties as well. I hope someone will notice and invite me to spend some time with them and enjoy my pantie strip.

  • When I was a teen, i loved dressing up in mom's lingerie. During the summer i would invite several boys & girls who were 4 to 7 years younger than me, to come over and watch me dress like a woman. We'd go into my folks bedroom where I would get naked and then put on my mom's panties, garter belt & black hose, a pair of mom's control briefs, one of her short half slips, and one of her bras. The kids loved watching me dress like a woman, and the boys would let me play with their stiff dicks and then take them in my mouth and suck on them. The girls loved watching me do this, and then when it was their turn, they'd let me feel their legs and go all the way up their skirts and feel their panties, and then let me pull them down and suck on their sweet little girl vaginas. Sometimes the maid would walk in on us and she'd laugh as she saw me wearing all mom's lingerie and just watch us for a while.
    After I was married my wife let me dress up in my own lingerie all the time I was home & in front of her son and daughter. Since I had 2 weekdays off she would bring several ladies home with her for lunch with me dressed up in my lingerie. I loved the way they would giggle and laugh at me, and tell me how pretty I looked. Sometimes I'd meet them wearing only panties, and I'd bring my lingerie drawer to the living room so they could pick out all the pretty things for me to wear.

  • I'm like that too but wish I had the nerve to let others see me dressed but I'm way too shy.

  • Start wearing panties 24/7 and get rid of your men's underwear and be happy and if you happen to bend over and someone see's your panty waist line then cool

  • Man I bet you like to wear panties you fucking freak. I bet you want to suck my johnsons too don't you little bitch boy.

  • Yes I would love to very much

  • How is your wife taking it, does she support you ? and would she assist with your makeup/wigs ?

  • My wife is ok with me wearing panties 24/7, and if i really pushed it she would help me get fully dressed

  • Your well on the way Darling having a supportive wife you have the battle won, just start acting feminine and dressing all the time at home, you will both really enjoy it.
    Better think of a nice sexy girl name Darling xxxx

  • Hi I have been wearing panties for the last 40 years. The last 30 married my wife knows I wear them every day.
    Like you I wear them high so the lace band can be seen above my jeans and love it when people notice that I'm wearing them and I hear them comment to their friends is such a turn on.

  • I bet your wife wears men's jeans and answers to Butch too.

  • That is wonderful it is so taboo and so exciting to know others can see the panty waist line above my jeans and I wish everyone wuld be more supporting, keep doing what you enjoy

  • You freak come sit on my lap when I take a dump and wipe my asshole with your tongue. Sissy

  • Love to

  • I love my husband being Femme, we have a game where he wears pull up pink nappies with a plastic outer adult pantie and is not allowed to go to the toilet till he soil's, even then I can make him stay in the soiled nappies for quite some time.

  • That is so exciting I must try that one day, Just keep doing what turns you all on and enjoy love and sex

  • So nice sweetie, I just love hearing of males that need to wear Femme particularly panties 24/7 bras, nighties, total cross dressing with make up and wigs at home or with a group of like minded friends, my husband has been cross dressing for over five years and we have six really great friends that enjoy the same we meet at least once a month at alternate homes with the guys dressed it is so fantastic.
    Really hope you get your desire, but please stay straight xxxxx

  • Thank you for the comment I sure hope i find someone that likes a sissy submissive husband to dress in panties for them and love to have them treat me just like a woman and make me feel at ease. Love to be myself and love to be able to have others love me for me

  • Well darling it sounds like your wife will support you so go for it, always wear your panties and when home a bra and nightie then just keep expanding your femme wardrobe including heels, have your wife make you up and comb a nice wig for you, you both will really start liking everything xxxx

  • I do have a sexy nightie in my closet along with some blouses,skirts, thigh highs and heels and a wig and my own make up. I do need to start wearing my nightie to bed along with a bra and panties to run around the house in. I have so many panties and love them all. I wish i could be a woman 24/7 it's just who i am and who i feel comfortable being

  • Darling you have to start some where so no better time than now.

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