I'm a Slut Nurse

I was dating my boyfriend for over 2 years when I went out dancing with some nurse friends of mine.
We were having a good time when someone suggested to see who could get a guy to go out to his car and have oral sex.
I normally would never do something like this, but the drinking and drugs we were doing made me willing to try it....
Well out of seven of us I was the first to go out to my Jeep and we were playing around when I reached down to play with his cock, it was so huge it made my mouth water and before I knew it I was sucking him off.
Well it wasn't too long before his load was filling my mouth full actually enough to get some on my leather coat.
I went back inside only to see my girlfriends laughing, well I found out it wasn't a game and they were setting me up to suck off a random guy...
Well I felt humiliated and when my BF found out, he posted so much nasty things about me, I actually broke it off, but now when you look up the Name Rhonda Jean Munholland on the internet all you see is nude postings and a video of me giving a BJ to my ex.... I feel like killing myself and hopefully someday I will and make things better for all those I hurt !

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  • What a Sleazy cunt she is, I work in the Mt. Gilead area and have heard nurses talking about her. I guess she is in trouble for many things and this is not a shock to anyone who knows her.....
    Slut !

  • You didn't tell us that you were also a head nurse.

  • LOL.....

  • Huh?? Why would your nurse friends set you up to cheat? How did your boyfriend find out?

  • Googling the name gets you nothing. It’s a trap by law enforcement

  • No its true as I work at Morrow County Hospital and the story is true.
    I heard many laughing behind her back and actually know a nurse who was part of the 7 who all went out that night and told me the whole story.
    Her boyfriend found out as someone called him and he now posted it everywhere as well as about the HPV she gave him. I looked at the court papers and he indeed is taking her to court and asking $50,000.00 in damages in court.
    She's fucked !
    I never did like her anyway... she was always a desperate little whore.

  • Posted by the ex BF

  • So why would your ex post about this unless you actually did this and he found out about you doing so.
    I have seen pics all over including a video of you giving a blow job to some guy.
    Why would you allow him to video all of this ?
    I mean how stupid could you be ?

  • Ya I see he has posted shame reports all over the net

  • Naughty nurse, tell us what you do to patients at night..

  • LOL

  • Check out Parents Night at Lexington High School in Lexington Ohio and see !!

  • She doesn't show up to much at school as Hannah her daughter doesn't what her and her boyfriend to show up, she told me that her mom makes her so embarrassed with all the nude pics and posts and her new boyfriend is a suspected pedophile.
    She can't wait to move out and go to college and put as much distance between them both !

  • She never goes to school functions as her daughter Hannah is so embarrassed about being a slut, she avoids her mom from coming to school, so bad as a matter of fact, they moved from their home at 1919 Lexington Ave. to Butler just to stay out of sight, but EVERYONE in Lexington knows about her.... I mean EVERYONE !
    The who family including her new family are so laughed about is truly sad she would do this to Hannah, Nick and Justin.....

  • The fat ass CUNT have shamefully hidden away in Butler, Ohio moving in with her FAT ASS boyfriend..... I guess being with that gross fat pic makes her look small even with her fat ass.... They make a good couple !
    Pig and Whore Pig....

  • I did, she looks like she has HIV, face all shrunk in.... flat chest, no ass...
    I say she look mighty awful as I think that most the stuff online seems to be true !

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