I'm a Slut Nurse

I was dating my boyfriend for over 2 years when I went out dancing with some nurse friends of mine.
We were having a good time when someone suggested to see who could get a guy to go out to his car and have oral sex.
I normally would never do something like this, but the drinking and drugs we were doing made me willing to try it....
Well out of seven of us I was the first to go out to my Jeep and we were playing around when I reached down to play with his cock, it was so huge it made my mouth water and before I knew it I was sucking him off.
Well it wasn't too long before his load was filling my mouth full actually enough to get some on my leather coat.
I went back inside only to see my girlfriends laughing, well I found out it wasn't a game and they were setting me up to suck off a random guy...
Well I felt humiliated and when my BF found out, he posted so much nasty things about me, I actually broke it off, but now when you look up the Name Rhonda Jean Munholland on the internet all you see is nude postings and a video of me giving a BJ to my ex.... I feel like killing myself and hopefully someday I will and make things better for all those I hurt !

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  • You didn't tell us that you were also a head nurse.

  • Huh?? Why would your nurse friends set you up to cheat? How did your boyfriend find out?

  • Googling the name gets you nothing. It’s a trap by law enforcement

  • Posted by the ex BF

  • Ya I see he has posted shame reports all over the net

  • Naughty nurse, tell us what you do to patients at night..

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