Willy Wonka and Steve's BIG Dick Pacifier...

I have always sucked my thumb for as long as I can remember. My Mom and Dad tried to break me of the habit and I tried myself when I started puberty and growing boobs and pubic hair. I mostly stopped but it was always so comforting for me, mostly when I watched TV. I would often do it secretly if the lights were off.

When I turned 16, everybody told me I was a very attractive girl. I was slender with a small butt and pretty big boobs and a little tall with long straight hair. I didn't see myself as attractive though. I didn't see myself as ugly — just an average girl, nothin' special. I WAS however, VERY shy. Boys were always asking me out and I couldn't understand what they saw in me. I guess I should've figured out what they "saw" in me by when they'd ask me out, talking to my boobs the whole time. (I was struggling with my bra size. "C" was too small but "D" was just a little too big so sometimes I wouldn't wear a bra).

There was another classmate, Steve, who was also very shy. We got to be good friends and even though there was "something" going on between us, neither of us had the nerve to make a move...

My Dad was in the Military and got transferred to Germany but I didn't want to go. My Mom agreed since I was halfway through High School but we didn't know what to do. Fortunately my Aunt (my Mom's sister), lived just a few miles away and offered to have me live with them until I graduated. My Mom and Dad agreed and I was thrilled because she was SUPER cool!

It was the Summer between Sophomore and Junior Year and I was bored. My Aunt had a huge Entertainment Center/TV system with Satellite TV. I was looking through the guide and saw that "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" was coming on at midnight. It was my all-time favorite movie since I was little.

The first thing I thought of was my friend Steve because I remember we talked about it once when we were walking between classes. I asked my Aunt if I could have a friend over to watch the movie. She said: "Sure. What's her name?" I replied: "Uh... Steve..."

She grinned, gave me that 'sly' look and asked: "Are you gonna be good?". I said: "He's just a good friend. He's very shy. Nothing will happen."

She nodded and said OK.

I called Steve and asked if he'd like to come over and have a "slumber party".

I have no idea where this thought come from, it just blurted out. Steve seemed more a friend and a very gentle guy who seemed somehow "harmless" because he was so shy I wasn't afraid of asking him over.

He said "Sure." This was in the 90's during that phase when kids were coming to school wearing PJ's so I told Steve to come over in PJ's since it was a "slumber party".

I made some popcorn and snuck a couple of beers from my Uncle's frig in the garage (just in case it felt uncomfortable). Steve arrived at around 11:30.

I brought him down to the big bonus room my Aunt and Uncle made into a Home Theater. There was a really nice, comfy couch we sat on. I turned the movie on and turned the lights off.

The first thing I wanted to do was suck my thumb. I offered Steve a beer and he started drinking it and I started drinking mine. After 15-20 minutes or so, we had finished our beers I was really getting a buzz and asked Steve if I could lean on his shoulder. He said sure. He raised his arm along the back of the couch and I nuzzled under his arm into his chest.

That's when I noticed it. The room had been pretty dark but now that I was comfy and my eyes adjusted to light coming from the TV I noticed Steve had a HUGE dick and it wasn't even hard. Suddenly, the urge to suck my thumb became impossible to overcome so I nuzzled a little further down Steve's chest and confessed: "Steve, I hope you don't think this is weird, but ever since I was little, and especially when I watch TV, I really need to suck my thumb. Do you think that's weird? If you do, I won't do it."

Steve said: "It's totally cool." and then he hugged me and nuzzled me a little more into his chest and I kept slowly moving closer to his fascinating dick. I eventually had my head on his stomach while I watched the movie, sucking my thumb and checking out his dick. It was definitely fatter and pointed up toward me but he didn't have a hard-on.

I could tell Steve was wondering where things were going and so was I! I really didn't know what I was doing! It was now the middle of the movie where the kids are all enjoying the candy in the factory which was always my favorite part and I found myself VERY close to his dick. I was now rocking my head slowly back forth while sucking my thumb and slowly moved down so that my fingers were wrapped around the head of his dick (through the PJ's) and sucking my thumb. I was sort of slowly jerking him off and sucking my thumb at the same time.

Steve's dick was now hard and HUGE. I pulled his PJ's down and wrapped my hand around it, sucking my thumb the whole time. By now, Steve is slowly rocking his hips, pushing his dick up toward my mouth. Without realizing it, I was thinking "I wanna suck his BIG dick!"

I whispered: "I think sucking on you would be better than my thumb. Is that OK?" He huffed: "Oh, yeah..."

I had NEVER done anything like this! His was my "first" dick. I'd never even touched one or even SEEN one in real life!

I moved my hand down and sucked him into my mouth and it was Heaven! It was really big I LOVED how it felt. It was not "hard" hard. It was like sucking a big fat water balloon. I pulled my mouth off and told Steve: I need to suck on him slowly like a pacifier, like I do with my thumb, is that OK?"

Steve was breathing really fast now and whispered: "Sure."

I whispered: "I didn't KNOW you had such a big dick! I love how he feels in my mouth!"

Steve replied: "He loves how your mouth feels."

I softly sucked Steve's dick until the end of the movie. I knew I couldn't leave him in that condition so I asked him if he wanted to come in my mouth (as if I didn't know).

He moaned: "Oh yes, please."

I started sucking him faster and faster, more like sex than a pacifier. Now his dick was so fat I could only fit the head in my mouth. It only took a minute and he exploded in my mouth. I had NO IDEA what it would be like but something told me it would be OK. It was fantastic!

We ended up falling asleep on the couch in each other's arms. It turned out to be a real slumber party! We ended up dating for a while but word got around school about the size of Steve's dick and he became VERY popular. We met for over ten years off and on having our same "slumber party" (although we would have sex too and OMG, he could make me come in less than a minute with his pussy-stretching dick!!!)


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  • My wife does that sometimes, she picks out a movie and lays across the couch with her head on my lap. She tells me to pull down whatever I am wearing a little so she can play with my cock. She will lay there watching the movie and lick, suck or stroke me for the whole thing then when it is over she sucks me hard and fast until I orgasm. I sometimes end up having two orgasms but she really gets off just teasing me the whole time and I love it.

  • I had a gf just like you. She would slowly suck my dick for hours watching tv, or listening to music. god I miss her.

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