Caught my wife watching interracial porn

For the last few weeks my wife has been getting up in the middle of the night. I will go out and check on her as soon as she gets up to see if she is ok. She has been telling me she just can't sleep so I go back to bed. The other night same thing. I woke up again about an hour later and she hadn't come back to bed. I got up and went to the living room. She was not there. The guest room door was slightly open and a glowing coming from the room. I slowly walked to the door and my wife was on the computer. The screen faces the door so her back was to me. She was watching porn and could tell she was masturbating. Legs spread and her arm moving. I watched her and could tell she was watching interracial porn. There were two black guys fucking a blonde woman. My wife has always been very clear that she is not attracted to black men but here she is fingering herself while watching this. I didn't say a word and walked away. When she came to bed I pretended to be sleeping. I asked her the next morning why she couldn't sleep and she said she just has a lot on her mind at work. I have checked the search history on our computer and she has been doing this for quite some time. She has searched interracial porn, black on white, interracial gangbangs, black bulls and more. I searched through her drawers and found a very large black dildo. We have always been pretty open about things so not sure why she is hiding this. It kinda turns me on but I am worried she will do more than just watch.

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  • Update... I have been keeping a close eye on my wife from security cameras to following her while she thinks I am at work. She is definitely fucking several different black men. I have followed her to a house where she was met at the door by a very large bald black man. She went inside and was there for 3 hours. He walked her out and kissed her in her car when she left. There is one black guy that has come to our house several times while I am at work. I have him on the cameras I hid at home. My wife has joined the gym and has lost a lot of weight. She is starting to dress very sexy and has bought a lot of new clothes. The other day I pretended to go to work and waited down the street waiting to see what happens. 30 minutes later a guy pulled into the driveway and walked In The front door. I walked around to the back of the house and watched through our window as she fucked this guy. I have to admit that I got very turrned on and I did Jack off watching her. Now I can't stop thinking about it and I am watching a lot of cheating wife porn. What is happening to me??

  • Fake

  • You are living the life that many men would love to. Whether they will admit it or not is beside the point. Guys fantasize about their woman being with other men, interracial or not, and never even bring it up to their wives for fear of rejection, or what ever other reason it may be. However, they would love to be in your situation. Allow her trysts to remain a secret and gives her the thrill of doing something that you would never allow her to do, so she may think. This could be fulfilling a fantasy of yours to see her with other men, but definitely fulfills her need for more cock. Its her "naughty secret" and she should have full enjoyment of it. Question is, is she still fulfilling your needs sexually?

  • Don't worry if she comes my way I'll give her everything you can't provide. Mostly my big huge dark dick and lots of black baby juice. I have plenty of them both for any unsatisfied white wife tired of tiny little white peckers. Man you fucking kill me. So what see is interesting in watching a sexy black man lay pipe. Maybe you should join her and tell her you are turned on. It's just the latest trend in cuckolding baby. Maybe your already a cuck and don't know it. I check your wives looking at me all the time. I guess it's cause I'm so big they have to wonder what's dangling between my large thighs. They sure won't be disappointed if I let them have a peak. I tell you this. Yeah probably not see her for a couple days if she did. Then when she comes back you can make like Mr. Fucking Clean and handle your business. Then you to will know the pleasure and secret of the BBC attraction my man. Oh yeah! Sleep well shorty.

  • I'm 36,married mum of 3 and porn has become my sex life.I really love the interracial sex scenes between white women and black men.In my younger days I wish I had gotten the opportunity to have a black guy but having been with the same man since my early 20's the chance is gone.However,not that its likely,but if my hubby ever gave me a hall pass or whatever,I would most definitely get with a younger black guy.

  • Your opportunity to be with another man is NEVER gone! No matter your age there is someone out there that would love to be a toy for you. Believe that! A "Hall Pass"? Ask... He may surprise you. Have fun!

  • You need to be her cuckold.Get her going out and coming back late with her pussy and panties soaked and dripping with some other guys semen.

  • Sounds like your wife definitely has changed her views of black men. I started the same way. My husband had no idea that I fantasized about black men. I did open up to him with roll play and such. Now he is a full on Cuck and can't wait for me to fuck my black lovers. If you are interested in this then you should start the role play by pretending to be another man. Since she is already thinking of it this it will be very easy for her to accept. Just take it from there but be careful this path is a hard one for some men to handle. If she is anything like most white women that start fucking black men, she will love it and never be that same again.

  • I think I understand. We have (for several years) role-played during sex. It started with when she met a black friend of mine, I caught her being a little flirty and touchy with him. On the way home, she talked about him a lot. During sex, she would get a little excited when I brought up a black friend of mine but would deny it like crazy if I accused her of any attraction to a black actor or friend. Then in her drawer, I found a dark brown vibrator that looked like the real thing. We role played about me catching her with a black guy and she would usually have an orgasm during our dirty talk. Still, she denied. The other day I started asking her about it during sex. She began to call out "I love his big black cock! I want his big black cock! Give it to me!"

    Yes, I think it's safe to say that she's developed an attraction.

  • It's clearly time you install a GPS tracker on her vehicle. If shes been hanging out at the local watermelon or cotton plantation or the KFC, you are in trouble.

  • Is it only black people who eat kfc in the US?

  • Yes

  • Racists comments are not wanted or needed.

  • The irony of this

  • She's gonna cuck you. Just wait and see.

  • This will sound odd for this website, but just tell her what you wrote here. It sounds like a nice honest approach to the issue.

  • LOL, or go get a big black bull to come bang her and then suck him clean after! Thats more like it........... on this site :)

  • I am kind of hoping that she will wander now that I think about it. I wouldn't mind trying a few of the mentioned suggestions.

  • Well tell her you'd like to fuck her doggy style while she watches some and see how quickly she cums.I can tell you it'll work a treat.

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