My hubby sucks his first black cock

My husband is a true cuckold. I am able to fuck anybody I want as long as they are black, his only rule for me. We have been living this lifestyle for several years now. When we first started he wanted to be there and watch. Now most of the time I meet my lovers at their place or fuck them here when the kids are gone. I have been with several black men and my husband has learned to enjoy cleaning me up after they are done using me. Well last weekend the kids stayed with my mom so I brought my lover home for the weekend. He fucked me several times with hubby watching and even while he slept. Saturday night after my lover came inside of me I told my husband to come over to me. I told him to get on his knees and lick me as I stood in front of him. After a few minutes I told my lover to stand next to me and watch my husband clean me up. I stepped back and placed my lover in front of my husband. I grabbed my husband by the hair and pushed his face to my lovers cock. He grabbed it and started sucking it like he was starving to death. I sat down and watched my husband suck my lover off for a very long time. Finally my lover grunted and shot into my husband's mouth. He swallowed every drop. After a great weekend of fucking we went back to our normal week. My husband told me last night while we were in bed that he really liked sucking black cock and wants to do it again as soon as I will let him.

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  • You and your hubby make me so envious! My wife is not cool with the idea of sharing or opening up our marriage. I would love to have her guide a nice big cock in my mouth

  • Yes I too began sucking my girlfriends black lovers cocks recently and have even submitted my asshole to a few of them. I am no more than a fuck sock to these magnificent beasts, and she reminds me often of that truth too...🐤👈

  • I hope to be the same very soon

  • You all love sucking cocks so much come suck on mine sissy bitches I won't tell anyone. Come on!

  • Sounds like your a fag too. Inviting them to blow you.

  • You are obviously a gay man looking for a black cock to suck. I can't believe people believe these stupid post people write here.

  • Nice. My wife has been after me to suck one of her lovers dicks for sometime now. While I do clean her up now and then I have not had the urge to suck some ones cock. I must admit however if I where forced to do it I would.

  • I love sucking cock! I will beg my wife to let me suck off her boyfriend before he fucks her. He will shoot his load down my throat and I always swallow it all. My wife will masturbate while I am doing this and she will usually cum right a she unloads in me.

  • Love sucking cock especially the cocks that have dumped there load in my wife’s pussy

  • I'll dump a load in her pussy and ass. Then you can clean my cock off. How about a load in ya ass fuck boy. Let's see how you can squeal from my monster meat in your asshole hemroid boy

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