Wife seldom enjoys having sex

I live outside of St. Louis and would love to find woman needing to have sex without a relationship. I love to suck hard nipples and play with a woman's pussy before we fuck

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  • So how big is your cock? I wouldn't waist my time on anyone under seven inches cause I can get a little cock at home anytime. No fun that way. I went to meet a man for some fun. What was he thinking? He had to know I would soon find out he'd lied about his size. His cock was only 5.5 inches and I got dressed left him laying on the bed and drove home. What a looser. Men are such liars.

  • So I have been sexting with a man who is an over the road truck driver. He really wants to meet me and do all the nasty things I said I would like to do to him. My husband knows about it and he wants to watch me with him. I guess I'm just a bit scared but would enjoy making love to a different man. I have been married to the same man with a tiny cock for 35 years. I sure could use my sexy truckers larger penis to fulfill me sexually as my hubby can barely maintain an erection. God I love looking at his sexy naked body and it makes me so horny to think about being with him. Should I go ahead and meet him? What should I do? I really would prefer to meet him one on one without my hubby getting in the way. Maybe later he can watch us. But only watch. Well he can do the nasty things he says he would like to do after I've been with another man.

  • Endless supply of women like that down on Whore Street.

  • Rid your mind of defiant sexual body pleasures and learn the sufferage of modesty and noflirt and nosex perfectionism club. once you try it you will never go back to sexual immorality or having sex again. you know its right for you if you want to save yourself.

  • Oh please it's just the opposite. Human beings need contact with others and touch is very important. Nothing wrong with sex.

  • Wow!! this guy needs a blow job.

  • What he needs is my hot pussy on his face. I bet then he'll change his mind. Either that or he will suffocate. No sex he does need help. I stick my sexy big tits in his face and his cock gets hard we'll see then.

  • Dirty girl puucking. only the dirty minded find sex beautiful horney themselves up with smut to fuck in marriage etc. its all a lie, once they are pregnant and 2 years into the marriage and fucked out they don't like it. cuz they know they were sold the dirty girl puucking lie. you are just dirty minded sex maniacs but you can't see that but for those of us who don't get much sex we know how to live without all the smut. we look at life differently. we know we are different to the smut dirty minded puuckers club. you can save your soul or not. but sex will kill you!

  • Amen brother. amen.

  • I love getting my nipples sucked! I could do that all day! My only request is bare back, no pulling out.

  • Me too honey. I prefer my lovers to stay inside and fill me full of their semen. Oh God! I really miss that. My husband can no longer ejaculate from an injury. I long to have a man cum inside of me. Makes me sad.

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