The first time I was alone and I had sex

I was sitting in the bedroom one night and I got a visit,it was the woman across the street and she let herself in,the door was unlocked it seemed that she was worried about me because I was so depressed and I may have mentioned that I didn't have anything to live for,she found me in the bedroom sitting in the dark she knew where I was in the dark, I heard her say"why don't I help you, I'm not afraid to make a move in the dark"she stepped over to me and kissed me and touched me and said"I have been worried about you, I know what you want is for us to do it,it'll make you feel better,that's what you want,you want to feel better"she layed me on the bed where I was sitting and she said"don't get up,I'm going to take care of you tonight"I heard her jeans unbutton and unzip slowly and I heard her whisper"I need this,I've waited for a while"I heard her turn around and step back one step and I felt her when she sat on my erection,she sat for an hour and then she began to bounce slowly picking up pace every ten minutes, I don't know how she was in the position with her feet on the floor I guess,after a night of her bouncing on my erection,when morning light came she got off of it when it went limp,she crawled back on the bed and layed next to me and she kissed me and said"I know you'll feel better,do you like my pussy?" we slept all day and I have been seeing her ever since


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  • And this one time at band camp..........

  • Band camp funny

  • Try to do a better story next time, this one is just a load of shit

  • To whoever said this story is a load of shit you don't know what you're talking about

  • Sorry

  • Are you in a mental home?

  • I'm not

  • What a whole lot of shit, please try to improve your posts when you get into third class

  • I'm not in school

  • Now come on really this is just a figment of your imagination, you wish it were true but you have just made it up hav'nt you ?

  • You misspelled haven't

  • Time frame is whack. "She sat on my dick for an hour." Before she started moving? Then went up and down for 8 hours straight? She must be an Olympic athlete, and you should really see a doctor about your erections lasting too long.

  • Maybe she is what about it mother fucker

  • The night is only six hours

  • Maybe this guy is able to keep it hard all night unlike the rest of you

  • Haha

  • I'll. say this you're all son of a bitches tell me who are you all

  • The launch is okay

  • I think the guy misspelled laugh

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