Female wants lots of cum

I am a married wife and I have a fantasy of having a large group of men have sex with me and all of them fill me with cum over and over again. I also want to see how much cum I can swallow from these men as well. I don't want my husband to know about this either. After they are done with me I want to go home and have sex with my husband. When he is done fucking me with his pathetic little 3" dick after 2 minutes and cumming in me I want to look him in the eye and tell him what I've done. Then I want to walk out the door.

But reality is I will stay home and continue like it is now with my cheating husband. I just want a real man to make me cum and be able to fuck me longer than 2 minutes without cumming and falling asleep.

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  • I wish i was your husband. When you confessed to me about all the men you fu**ed and the cum you swallowed, i would admit to you how i wished we could have shared the experience. I too have a desire to be used by a group of men ;)

  • You really are a silly thing. After so much sex you won't desire going home and fucking your husband. In fact if you are to make him a true cuckold as I did my husband he is not to know anything about it. But your pussy will be so sore. You will just be happy and fulfilled in that you completed your very desires. I have had sex with six men at once. We fucked and I performed oral sex on them for about and eight hour day. My husband thought I was at work. It was so wonderful to be the main focus of them and they gave me what I needed. lots of cum and their large cocks in all my holes. One went in when someone pulled out. It was great. My husband has no idea what I did. When he wants sex I tell him come back when you've grown about 4 more inches of dick. I know he wonders what I do for sex I tell him I have my toys so I need him not. He masturbates while I'm sleeping to porn of guess what? Cuckolding of all things and he has no idea he is one.

  • Darling your next move should be getting him into a cock cage you will just adore being totally in control

  • Cuckold is clearly the road you should choose, my husband has been fully cuckold for four years now and totally accepts the situation I have him locked in a cock cage 24/7, he wears only sexy panties all the time and when home a matching bra, for the housework, cooking etc. he wears a plastic French Maids outfit with suspenders, stockings, heels, wig and fully made up he also has heaps of femme gear. once a month for humiliation my girlfriend cuffs him behind releases him, shaves, cleans and teases but does not let him cum, on a few occasion's she ensures he cum's without permission then she knees him hard in the balls they pain for most of the day.
    My husband stays in the downstairs bedroom with ensuite while I and my girlfriend live upstairs, we really leave quite a mess so he is very busy cleaning, washing, ironing, placing our cloths neatly away and picking up after us.
    Quite often we have a couple of our Lesbian friends over for an afternoon so hubby has to cook, serve and continually bring drinks plus snacks we have him naked, wearing panties and bra or a bikini always made up to look like a real slut, everybody is allowed to humiliate him as they like, one always grasps his nuts very hard and pulls him backwards around the house so funny.
    I can only say go for it you will never regret being in control.

  • I agree with the cuckolding but only to a degree for me. I am allowed to fuck whoever and whenever I want as long as my husband knows about it. He wants every detail when I get home. He is not allowed and does not want to be with other women. The only rule he has is I can only fuck black men. My husband does enjoy cleaning me up after my lovers are done with me. No cages and no panties for him. He does like to be degraded and likes me to make fun of his little dick. The thing he likes most, beside me fucking other men, is to tell him how big their cocks are and that I can't feel his little dick while he fucks me. Makes him cum almost instantly. Have fun!

  • Honey you really should try him in panties and particularly a cock cage the feeling of dominance is just so fantastic, having him in panties and bra when your friends come over is just the greatest humiliation its a real turn on.

  • You know that because he is so very tiny, he can easily be led to accept his being cuckolded by you. In fact it is very likely that he could be led to desire this more than anything. Does that idea at all intrigue you?

  • I would love to be able to fuck other men and make him watch. He could never handle that. I'm thinking more and more about finding a boy toy to fuck me when I need it

  • This is sure, you ARE intrigued. And you're open to cuckolding him.

    You say that 'he could never handle that. Perhaps so. But that's been said of many sexually incompetent, under-endowed husbands. Don't underestimate the power of this theme to enthrall small husbands.


    Why do you feel he couldn't 'handle' it? Is he emotionally weak?

  • Darling just bring up the subject of chastity with him when you think you have him in a weak moment and just keep talking about how good you think it would be if he wore a cock cage every now and again, I am sure he will OK it so then order one off the net I have my husband in a Holy Trainer clear very comfortable for long term wear and no possible way of escape or getting a horn, it did not take long for him to realise I was in total control he is actually used to it now and quite likes getting locked after every second Sunday being released for shaving and cleaning plus teasing to precum, I only masturbate him to cum about once every five weeks.
    I have a very well hung young stud from work that has sex with me whenever I want, when he comes over I send my husband to the shops till we are finished but if I want him to stay the night hubby stays in our garden flat till he goes the next day.
    Such a great arrangement, hubby got sex lazy and really his dick has always felt rather small and not fully satisfying.
    All the best darling xx

  • Reported your comment, for being the most repetitive person EVER!

  • Dona be a spoil sport, lot of guys have a nice pull because of my story.

  • What a moron

  • The moron comment is for the moron who said he was reporting someone

  • Thank you.

  • Don't be so rude

  • I was used by my boyfriend and several of his friends one night at a party we had. All of them jacked off on my face and body then they all took turns fucking me and cumming inside my pussy. One of the best nights ever!

  • If i was your bf, i would have licked your body clean

  • Darling do you like taking it up the arse ?

  • Your 3 inch husband has a mistress. How did that happen?

    With that tiny thing, doesn't it seem almost like child abuse to you?

  • My husband just licks it out of me after. We started doing this after we got married and stopped using condoms, he would finish in me then go straight to licking me clean. He enjoyed doing it and so did I. It feels really good to be licked gently after having sex! Also, no cum running out and making a mess. So he did this for years before he told me about his fantasy where he wanted other men to cum in me and he wanted to clean me after. It was just dirty talk for a long time. Until one night where he talked me into having sex with a bartender from a beach bar, we were drunk and the guy didn’t wear a condom. When he walked away my husband went down on me right there on the beach. We’ve done it a lot of times since then.

  • This is exactly what happened with me and my husband. He started going down on me after sex and it has turned into him waiting for me to get home from having sex with one of my lovers so he can clean me out. He has even had one of my lovers cum directly into his mouth. This is a huge turn on for both of us!

  • I'm a male who want the same. just once.

  • He's like this in bed and he's cheating? you sound angry, hurt and horny. how long has this been going on? Is the cum the revenge part or do you actually have a thing for cum? Man, men are stupid

  • I am a little angry but mostly just wanting a man to give me what I deserve in bed. The cum thing is a real fantasy I have and would love to try it. I do love cum and have always swallowed ever since the first time I did it. I can't get enough. I don't know if my husband cheats or if he is just selfish in bed. He use to be great in bed but doesn't even try to please me anymore.

  • You need to tell him, husband, to step up his game. people get complacent in long relationships. people need to work for it. open up about some of your fantasies and get him to do the same. have a drink together, loosen up, laugh and fuck. it all goes to shit, otherwise.

  • Probley he just became lazy, I work the night shift and my wife days. It used to be okay to wake her up. Just about the time she had to get up for work. We would make love. Suddenly it was "NO I have to get up for work" Then there was no sex on the weekends I found a lover that has days off during the week. She works at hospital, on her days off she is at front door at 9 am. I get morning sex and We both enjoy each other. Haters are going to hate, I'm 59 and far from ready to give up sex. If I'm a rotten lover, why dose my lady friend enjoys our time making love?

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