Another black gangbang for wife

As promised I am posting about my second gangbang. I am the 30 year old little blonde wife that is a yoga instructor. A little more about me this time, I am married and I have one child with my husband. I have my own business that is very successful and my husband has a business as well. I have been cheating on my husband since before we got married and no one knows what I do. As described in my last post I do have a black boyfriend that is very well endowed. He recently talked me into my first gangbang with him and three of his friends. I enjoyed myself so much that I couldn't wait to do it again, so he set another one up for me this week.
This time it was him and six other black guys. It was at the same hotel that we met at last time that is in our hometown. As soon as my husband left for work I prepared myself for my day. I wore a pullover dress with nothing underneath and a pair of heels. When I arrived at the hotel all of the men were there waiting. When I walked in all of them started making comments about how I looked. I am not a shy person so I immediately started dancing for them and did a short striptease which didn't take long because I wasn't wearing much.
I couldn't wait to get started and it happened very fast. Within minutes all of the men were naked and I was working on all of them to get them ready. I was very busy this time with so many men and I did my best to keep them all occupied and entertained. I gave everyone of them head switching from one to the other as much as I could. It was very fulfilling to have seven men standing in front of me while I took turns sucking on each one of them. The amount of meat that was in my face was almost unbelievable. Every guy was much larger than my husband and a couple of the guys were absolutely huge. The guys moved me over the bed fairly quickly and started taking turns on me. I would suck one or two of them while another guy was having sex with me and this went on for most of the day. Just as the last time all of the men came in me several different times and I had more orgasms than I can even count. I have to admit that I do believe I am addicted to this type of sex now. And the two guys with very large cocks felt absolutely amazing, I've never felt anything like that in my life. needless to say I got very sore and very worn out after spending most of the day with these men taking turns of me.
My legs were very shaky and I was barely able to walk back to my car. When I got home I did the same as before I showered and cleaned myself up like nothing ever happened. I picked my daughter up from school and went home and made dinner for my husband. my favorite thing to do after cheating on him is to give him a big kiss when he gets home so that's what I did. my husband actually wanted to have sex with me that night which is unusual because he usually only wants to have sex Saturday night once a week. I did have to suck it up a little bit because I was very sore but he had no idea that I had been used by seven men all day long. as usual he lasted a little less than 5 minutes came in me rolled over and went to sleep. I laid there smiling thinking about what happened to me that day and I guarantee it's going to happen again.


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  • The first black man I ever had sex with was my dad's best friend. I was 14 and My mom and dad went out of town. he stayed at our house to watch over me and my brother. I noticed him watching me more and more during that week. So I started teasing him by wearing my really small shorts that I sleep in and a tiny white tank top. Then I would shower and walk from the bathroom to my bedroom only wearing a towel. One night very late he came into my room and I pretended to be sleeping. He came to me and pulled my covers off. I could feel him next to me as he started rubbing my legs and touching my breasts. I let out a little moan and that's all it took. He rolled me over and took off my shorts then went down on me.
    While he was eating me I took off my tank top. This drove him wild and he got on top of me to fuck me. He was very large, much larger than my boyfriend, but he was able to get inside me rather quickly. He made me cum almost instantly and he came inside of me right after I finished. Ever since this day I have only wanted black men. I broke up with my boyfriend the next morning and started dating a black guy that I went to school with. I love black cock and would love to have a gangbang like you did.

  • Baby you can come practice yoga on me boyz and me any fuckin time. Oh yeaz we'll have your little white legs all shaky in no time. Matters a fact we specialize in doing just that. You will have so much of our baby juice leaking back out your stretched pussy dat your ole man think you a total freak for BBC. Oh yeah let me fill dat pussy full of my thick huge 9.75 inch cocks. Girl you gonna take the train baby. You the engine that's gonna pull all the cars and the caboose. Bring your little white hubby so he can see what BBC does to his little wifey.

  • That's sexy

  • Black guys start off being nice but it does not take long for them wanting you to look slutty when out with them they also start treating you like shit eventually they want to fuck you in the arse and allow friends to watch then have them join in, they don't like wearing condoms and don't like you taking precausions, by the time you wake up and want to piss them off they have plenty of photos and videos.

  • I seen a lot of average black cocks to don’t be fooled there Not all hung and there not all thief’s. But they all think with there dicks

  • All men do.

  • I had a fight with my boyfriend and left his afterwards,deciding to walk thru a strange area.I was crying as I was walking when two black guys stopped in a bmw to ask if I was ok.I said no,so they offered me a lift home,but I said I didn't want to go home,as I knew my boyfriend would come looking for there.So they took me to their place and I smoked weed with them.I got quite steamed to be honest and as they were so kind I thought I'd thank them.The rest of the night needs no explaining unless I am expected to.

  • Or maybe some of us want you to...

  • Well if you must know I did their washing up and ironing for them.

  • My high school girlfriend dumped me for a black guy on the athletic team it all went OK for a while then he was fucking her only in the arse really stretching and hurting her when she complained he had the entire team take her one weekend, took videos and pictures in which she had to say she wanted it. She spent some time in hospital because she was split front and back, everybody in town knows and has been convinced it was all her fault. She won't get another fuck around here.

  • Good stuff!!

  • What a disgusting comment it was not good I can assure you and her reputation has been tarnished for ever.

  • What do u care,she dumped u.Do u still love her or something?

  • Haha

  • My wife started a relationship with a black guy, loved his huge prick and didn't mind being treated as his slut for a while till he had her dressing and acting real slutty all the time he made her get a tattoo just above her pussy "Only for Coloured" then he was sharing her around with a lot of guys treating her like crap and taking plenty of videos even putting on shows with a dog, we had to leave town they were a real evil lot.

  • My wife has "only BBC" tattooed right above her pussy. Her black lover paid for the tattoo and she didn't tell me she got it. Nice surprise for me. She is now asking me to get "Cuckboy" tattooed on my ass. I think I will do it.

  • I would have made you pay for dat shit mofo. Handle yo business. My business is to bang the fucking shit out of your wife's pussy and fill her ass full of my cumz. C'mon man you one sissy ass cuck. Damn straight you gonna get a tat. But it should say your wife is my property now and have my name on both her ass and yours. Maybe I have you get a tatoo of my cocks going up in ya wife's cunt on your belly or something.

  • My black lover had me tattoo ❤BBC in my left boob. He wanted it close to my heart. My husband had no idea until I showed him after it was done. He loves it!

  • Coloured guys just want to fuck white girls and treat them like shit mostly they don't have any respect at all, they love sharing their white slaves around their friends.

  • I am a white woman that fucks a lot of black men. All of them have treated me with great respect. They do however treat me like a slut in the bedroom and that's what I love the most. Black men know that white women what them just for their color and their huge pricks. They are fine with that. Black men know that most of the little dick white husband's turn thier wives onto this because they have the fantasy of their little white wife getting a huge cock. That is why most men buy thier wives huge toys. They like the fact that thier wife is being stretched beyond what he can do. But it takes a special man to let his wife do it for real and a confident man to let her continue doing it once he knows how much she loves it. My husband is such a man.

  • Bitch stop talking about your fucking looser ass husband. I tell you when my cock goes up in your fucking stretched ass cunt you won't be thinking anything about that dumb ass sissy anymore. I don't give a fuck what you do after I fill your cunt full of my jiz. That's your business. I have what you need but don't think I respect you or your fucking sissy ass man. Cause I don't. I can find plenty of white pussy anytime any fucking where so your the one who needs me I don't need you it's that simple. You know nothing about me and where I come from don't act like it bitch! Now get on your knees and suck on my joy stick.

  • Such a classy response NOT! I'm sure women can't wait for you to talk to them like that. You may be the guy that gives a bad name for others....

  • My wife has done 2 gang bangs with black guys and is dating a black guy now for almost a year, yes he dp’s here often and he loves she’s a pretty mwf but what’s wrong with that? She loves sex with him and his best friend and a few other but all good and he treats her great but in bed he pushes her slut side and yes he’s using her but in a way so is she using him.

  • I'm 24 and now single and all my girl friends are saying I should "go black" for a change but "if I go black I'll never go back" and so on. They see me as this little naive innocent girl but no one knows about my year away for work placement during uni.Temporary hook up with one of the assistant managers,black guy,cute great body.I went out for drinks one night with him and some others from work,he invited me back to his place afterwards and I was in the mood and needed it bad, so we fucked.Wow what a huge dick he had and stamina.He severely left me a quivering mess.Something like 5 or 6 orgasms and I could barely stand,let alone walk.I thought it couldn't get better than this but after a couple months he invited his friend round and they took turns smashing my pussy then finally built up to DP-ing me.So an analy induced orgasm makes your regular orgasm multiplied triple fold and when you've had over 10 in one night you stop counting.The good thing was no one knew me in that town so I got to be as dirty as I wanted.

  • I am 23 white half Japanese half Hawaiian 5'1" 98 lbs and work as a exotic dancer at a club near our home here in LV.
    Well one night as I was leaving the club after my last routine without my normal escort two big Blacks stopped me from getting into my car thru me into a big Caddy when it pulled up and took me like three blocks away into a house and proceeded to give me a fucking in all holes each taking turns on me over and over and I was a quivering mess. God I never knew I could cum that much every cock had me going on him and I couldn't stop I was weak unable to even get up off the floor and another hard cock was headed my way soon to be fuc king me all over again.

  • I wish this would happen to me. I dream of black men taking me and having their way with me. I would pretend to fight at first but I know I would love it! I leave my house unlocked and blinds open all the time just hoping that someone would take advantage of me in a very rough way.

  • I am a married white wife and I love black men too! I am older,50, and have had several different partners over my life. But all of the black men I have been with have been larger than average and their stamina is unbelievable! Hours and hours without stopping. Even after they cum they stay hard and keep right in going. So from my experience black is the way to go if you like large penisis and like long sex sessions.

  • My wife used to cum a few times when having sex with me now after dating this one black guy she can cum and cum as much as she wants, good for her and yes I’m sure he enjoyed teaching my wife how to cum over and over.

  • My wife learned to squirt from her black lover. She didn't know she could do it. I still can't make her squirt but he does it everytime they fuck.

  • I cant help it but I want my wife to get properly fucked by a very big black man,don't know why but I just do.I want him to spread her legs nude and stretch her pussy out with his big dick making her scream because he's too big and then when she's nice and wet moaning with pleasure.I picked her up from the gym one day and she was chatting to her black personal trainer,she was quite smiley with him and when she walked away he looked at her ass for a bit.I honestly hope he fucks her brains out and cums deep in her womb.

  • My wife was hit on in the gym a lot and yes one finally got her and yea she loves black guys now.

  • Be careful what you ask for. My wife and I had this fantasy and turned it into reality several years ago. She has fucked at least 20 different black men since. I don't mind and actually get off on it but my wife has let me know that if I ever do have issues with it she will never stop doing it. She absolutely loves it and fucks black men quite often. Her pussy is much different now, very loose, and her pussy lips are much larger and hang down from all the streching. I still can get off in her but a noticeable difference. She tells me all about it and she will testify that all of the black men she has been with are quite large. One of her favorites is very long and extremely thick. I have watched him fuck her and she is able to take every bit of it with ease.

  • Yes I wish for it.The scenarios that go thru my head make me so hard,like after a late night gym session,he gives her a lift home and I'm away for the week,so she invites him in and he puts the moves on her as he's had the hots for her for sometime and would love to bang her and she's horny and easily turned because its not like I give her many orgasms anyway.After kissing her on the couch and getting her down to her underwear he takes her by the hand to our bed and strips her,eating her cute,neatly trimmed pussy to a perfect orgasm.

  • I can almost guarantee that if you slowly start talking to your wife about this she will do it. Most women do they are just worried about thier husband's not being able to handle it

  • No question the wife will start

  • I would say she's halfway there then.The way she smiles at him,must mean she finds him attractive.And the way he smiles or looks at her must make her think that he wants to bend her over and slide his big black dick in her till he fills her with the sticky stuff.

  • And if I was being honest I've fucked her straight after the gym,she has been very horny and extremely wet.So he probably flirts and complements her and maybe places a hand here and there when she's working out.

  • Just taking on 7 men is hot, I would love to be in a group

  • I love it. Keep the stories coming

  • Did your friend make sure they all got STD tested then before they went at you?

  • My wife has a another lover who's white,I desperately want her to get with a black guy but she said she's not sure she'd be able to take something that big.How do I get her to change her mind?

  • Start her off with bigger toys and then talk about your fantasies. My husband brought home a black dildo and it was larger than the rest of my toys. I did love the way the bigger one felt. He then had me watch interracial videos of white women with big black men. That did it for me! I couldn't wait to try it. Now I only sleep with black guys. So far I have been with 16 of them and every single one of them has a bigger penis than my hubby. A couple of them are absolutely huge. Best feeling of my life

  • I've started her off with is very good.

  • What's the point of living your married life? is it to keep up the picture?
    hot story, glad you love cocks and cum

  • I love it!! My wife has several different black men she fucks but not at the same time! I hope when I show her this post she will consider doing it. I just hope I can watch!

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