Horny Co worker

She’s always been a bitch. Known her for 10years now but for some reason she’s changed toward me. She’s a smoking hot milf. Married with a couple kids. Mid 40s like me. Small chest but GREAT ass. Platinum blonde. Smart as a whip and really respected in the business.
She’s been nicer and Nicer over the last year. One of those things where I’m wondering if I’m just a stupid dude. Misinterpreted things?
We were at our company conference and on the last day We are sitting alone. Her being chatty and smiling. Me wondering WTF is going on. There is tension. Sexual tension. There has been for months but I’m pretty fuckin scared to make a move.
Then I see it. We’re talking and she looks down at my crotch. I joke “ahem, my eyes are up here Mandy”.
She gets embarrassed. I can see her turn red and when we make eye contact again I wink at her and say “why don’t you walk me out to drop my bag off”. I drove to the conference in TX. She flew in from CA. we chat some more on the way and once we get there in the parking garage she’s acting like she loves my truck. “It’s so big.. can I get in it...”. And she climbs in the back seat. SPins her legs so they are facing me and kind of spread. I move closer and she leans in. We’re kissing.
I ask when she flies out. “Not til later, still have your room key?” I don’t. But she does. We go to her room.. LOTS of hesitation. On both our parts. I mean, We work together.
We go inside. I start taking her clothes off. I can see she is hesitant. I pull back and say. “Are we gonna do this or what? “ more as a dare than a question. She grabs me. Pulls me in close. Kisses me hard and grabs me by the erection.
I take that as a yes.
She’s naked. I eat her til she has a great orgasm. Pussy is soppy and dam it tastes good. I fuck her missionary for a bit then remember what a bitch she’s been for years. I think how I treat my wife with respect but I don’t think that’s what this bitch wants. I get a little rougher. FLip her over and start plowing her. Hammering as hard as I can into her cunt. Reach around and rub her clit and it was like she had a realization too. She wanted this. Needed it. And started asking for it. Saying my name. “Fuck me! Oh. Yes. Harder. Yes. “. And then she comes again. I’m looking down at her asshole that is twitching with her orgasm. It’s a perfect little flower. and I COME. HARD. DEEP INSIDE HER.



We just did that.

The gravity of it all comes down on both of us.
Wtf did we just do....
So She said let’s lay out some ground rules. No crazy shit. Can’t get caught. No communication on company stuff. And she adds “and it’s just about the sex. I’m using you for sex and that’s it. Ok?” I’m like, ok but does that mean this is happening again?
It can. If we BOTH want it. Ok? Either of us can stop this at any time. Ok?
I said you bet. But I won’t be stopping it.
It’s happened a few more times. Pretty vanilla stuff. I keep pushing for anal. She’s not given it up yet. But I keep Fingering it while I lick her til she comes. Flip her over and before I fuck her I give her a good rimjob. It’s just such a perfect asshole. I want my cock in it!


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  • I have a girlfriend at work we often travel to meetings and conferences and stay over (my wife knows we are screwing) I just love doing her in the arse doggie and having her naked kneeling in front of me sucking while taking video's so she knows better not frig me around, I love the dominance and making her feel like a submissive slut making her talk dirty to me and when we go for a meal getting done up and acting like a prostitute.

  • I also have a hot bitch i work with. We have sent flurtatious texts bavk and forth and always have a smirk when we pass. Oh how i want to pound her hard.

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