Step-daughter's knickers and a hooker

For a while now I've been finding myself more and more attracted to my 18 year old step-daughter.

She's slim, cheeky and has a great smile and amazing tits..

Once she lifted up her top and flashed one breast "accidentally" and I can't get that image from my head lol

I've sneaked a look in her room a few times and wanked into her small knickers and sometimes fallen lucky enough to find a used pair to sniff her scent from...

A couple of months ago I knew the house would be empty for a while so I went for a knicker play.....and when I found a tiny little black lace pair I had a very naughty thought.....I wanted to see someone in them and fuck them imagining they were my step-daughter...

Having a massage parlour close I went in, taking the knickers, was lucky enough to find a cute little hooker who was a similar size to my step-daughter and she word them for me while we fucked....

The sight of that tiny piece of lace gyrating on my cock, all the while imaging they were hers was an amazing experience and had me cumming far too quick!

I left with a big smile, replaced them where I'd found them and whilst I'd never touch her in a sexual way, I'll always smile thinking of tht fantasy fuck!

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  • Why not just tap your step daughter and save the cost of a whore?

  • I do love the idea of touching her and the thought that she might go along with it...we almost kissed with tongues last New Year after she'd been enjoying the evening's drinks which was very horny! I'll have to push it a little further next time.... the thought of a passionate kiss with her and my finger or cock finding its way into her gorgeous little pussy is very hot!

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