My first gangbang

I had my first gangbang last week. I am a married white 30 year old female and my husband has no idea that I cheat and do these things. I have cheated on every guy I have ever been with. So that being said one of my black lovers has been teasing me about fucking him and some of his friends. I finally agreed and he set it up last week. After my husband left for work I met them at a hotel room in our town. My boyfriend and I got there first and shortly after three of his black friends came in. I was already undressed when they got there so it started right away. It was the best time of my life!! They all took turns inside of me and everyone of them came in me several times. I was able to keep all of them busy at the same time so no one was ever left out. I was so turned on that I had more orgasms than I can remember. It's funny because my husband, kids and family have no idea what I do. I think that is what turns me on so much. I went home afterward, showered and went on with my normal life. Dinner was ready when my husband got home and I gave him a nice kiss before dinner. Poor little guy had no idea that his wife was just used by four black men just a few hours ago. I can't wait to do it again!

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  • My husband set up my first gangbang. It was at a hotel as well. There were 8 black men and oh my was it amazing! I have done several since then and always black men. I live it and so does my husband.

  • It started with just 2 the first time for me but quickly turned into 9 it seems like last Friday it was 9 for you don't forget all cocks.

  • Wow so so amazing

  • My husband and I play in the BDSM kink community. I am a sub by nature at home as a way to get away from the stress of work. For those not familiar with this world one of the cardinal rules is you must never touch someone without their permission. One time my master (husband) blind folded me, gagged me and stripped me and tied me spread eagle on a gym mat. I was totally freaked and had to totally trust that he was not going to let anything really bad happen to me. During the night countless people groped my breasts and fucked me. I started off totally freaked. Then angry and pissed as all hell. Finally my mind slipped into sub space and I just accepted it. When he finally untied me I didn't know whether to kill him or kiss him. When we talked later he told me he had stayed beside me all night and made sure every dick had a condom on it. He also talk me that some of the mouths that had sucked my breasts and licked my pussy were women. Do I want to do it again ? Not sure. I am both excited and fearful of the emotional response.

  • I have been very fortunate to have been gangbanged 3 times in my life. I was gangbanged on a boat with 8 men for a weekend, it was the most incredible experience I have ever had. I love to have lots of different hands and fingers inside my pussy, having my pussy pulled open in every direction is fantastic. I was naked most of the time, they would make me get on the deck and piss on me whenever they had to piss. Three at a time once, I had a pair of swimming goggles that they gave me to protect my eyes. I would open up my mouth so they could fill it with piss. I loved being pissed on.

  • I did the same thing but over in Japan, they love American women, I have never felt more worshiped in my life. One of the guys licked and sucked my breasts and nipples the whole time, told me I had incredible nipples, no matter what position I ended up in he would adjust and play with them.

  • I to when my parents lived in Yokosuka and at 14 I had a good following of boys my age and some a lot older. at5va party for me I was taken by over 20 Japanese boys

  • Update: had another gangbang this week!! Check under cheating posts titled "Another black gangbang" because I want to start a new thread and get new comments. But I will tell you this, AMAZING. 7 big black men for hours and hours. All of them used me all day long.

  • Course you did.

  • My biggest fantasy is to be gangbanged by a pack of dogs, I would love to be naked on my hands and knees, fucked hard and knotted with at least 6 dogs. I love to feel a dog filling me full of cum, I want to be pumped full of as much dog cum as I can hold inside my big pussy.

  • I am 17 years of age f and at age 12 my first encounter was with a big German Shepard. He litterly attacked me tearing my clothes from my body and then I stumbled went tumbling and when I finally got stopped there he was standing there of the top of me. When I went to get up my ass touched his cock and he immediately went right to fu cking my puss and ass and tied with me in my ass for nearly 40 minutes,

  • Thats wonderfull keep on going I recomend you a zoo site its called its free

  • So I see you are an animal lover join this site
    Have you tried any dogs yet ?

  • That is not my reply that is from someone else commenting on this post. I might try it though. But only with one lol

  • I just fell in love with you lol.
    Your fantasy is so hot

  • This is the real thing! I have another post called another gangbang for wife. Check it out.

  • What if u get pregnant?Would u keep them?

  • Would never agree to a gang bang but my friend did get me laid by my first black cock and at the time I had a bf.She was meeting her black fuck bud so I tagged along and his friend was with him.She basically talked me into fucking him.I did and what an experience!He didn't let up till I asked for a break,some 3 hrs later.Went home with the sorest pussy ever.Couldn't fuck my bf properly after that,just kept thinking of that black cock going all the way in up to his black balls.In the end I broke it off with my bf and went and got more black cock.

  • You're trash. Sorry.

  • I’m Jealous, I want my wife to do this. We have spoken about her playing and I’m all for it, she has fucked others. But not a gangbang

  • It is the best thing I have ever done sexually. So satisfying I can't begin to explain it. We have another one planned this week and I can't wait. There will be at least 6 guys at this one!

  • I have read your story about three times and my dick gets rockhard every single time I wish you lived in Florida but I only have like 8 inch I would love to give you my strong Jamaican dick

  • I have actually had sex with a Jamaican man while on vacation there. He was amazing and very large!!

  • WHORE! Are you proud of yourself? In the slight chance that there is a God in Heaven, you will surely burn in Hell for all eternity. If you wanna be a fuck slut whore, at least have the decency to leave your husband first.

  • Haha you god fearing weirdo. You sound so bloody ridiculous spouting shite like that

  • I am not necessarily weird, nor do I fear God or even believe in such a critter. Seems to me that YOU are the one who sounds bloody ridiculess, making such assumtions.

  • Well, he's going to get a big surprise when his doctor tells him about all the STIs he's mysteriously contracted.

  • Good job I hope you dont feel sorry just enjoy the life and fuck as much as you could .And if he dont finds out then its wonderful thats the important part.
    I guess you would want to get pregnant by all that black guys no ? but will be a problem then because your husband will see obviously that the baby is not made by him .
    Do you have any kids ?

  • I have thought about getting pregnant by one of my lovers but I don't think I will because I have one child with my husband. I would rather this stay a secret to all. That's what turns me on so much about this.

  • Oh god I love your story. You’re such a slut and I love it. If I were your boyfriend I’d want to watch you get pounded over and over and filled with loads of cum. I’d have 20 guys there or more to fuck you repeatedly for days

  • Ok yeah I think so that it is more interesting like this to be youre secret.
    Can you tell me how do you look im curious :body,hair,eyes?

  • I am 5' tall 105 Lbs. Blonde hair with green eyes. I am very fit and train 5 days a week as a yoga instructor. I run and cycle often too.

  • Hi. I would love to fuck you.

  • Oo wow you made my day so it seems your really beautiful and sexy very good Im sure the black guys enjoy you very much

  • Not to brag but I don't have a problem getting any man I want. So much fun teasing and I do prefer well endowed black men.

  • Im sure of that every man looks at you and want you :)

  • Do you have sex with your husband at all?

  • I do have sex with my husband but I fake my orgasms almost Everytime. He can only last for about 5 minutes before he cums. He is also kinda small compared to the black guys I am with so that doesn't help either.

  • Also I'm 28 and married and a black guy at work has been severely flirty with me and going as far as saying he'd like to fuck me.I'm afraid I'm slowly giving into temptation.I fantasize about having sex with him and also a group of his friends.I masturbate when I'm alone and want to be gangbanged,I have no idea where these thoughts come from.If only my hubby could appease my sexual hunger.

  • 28 and married, I will say this I was in the same situation that's why I do this now. But once you start it is so so hard to stop. My black lovers are the best sex I have ever had and now that I have had several at a time I don't think I ever want to stop. So either go for it or run away as fast as you can. But it feels so good....

  • Nowhere to run lol.I imagine him being very good in bed with a very big penis.I also cant help think dirty thoughts around him.Feel myself getting rather wet when he's near.Do black guys like white girls to swallow or do they cum in you?

  • Black guys do love to cum in married white women. Every black guy I have been with says that to me. They also love it when I swallow. They tell me most black women will not swallow so I do it for them.

  • Normally when I am with a strange man I make them wear a condom. However I have never asked a black man to wear one strange as it may seem. So I guess it not only black men that want to share their cum with white women. But white women want black cum inside them. I know I do.

  • I am the same way. Married white female who always cheats. I never ask the black men I sleep with to wear condoms. The thought of them cumming inside of me drives me wild with desire. I will not swallow for my husband or any other white men but I always swallow my black lovers cum if he asks me to. Can't explain it but it is definitely the dirty thoughts of him being black.

  • I agree I never would ask a black man to wear a condom. I am dating him for one reason sex. The best part of sex is the orgasm why spoil his let him bare back me. I love the feeling of a strong man cumming inside me.

  • I've been trying to get my hubby to cum over my face or in my mouth but he doesn't want to.I imagine black guys finishing in white girls and saying something like "now have my black babies".

  • Next time you are giving him head and he is ready to cum, pull out and Jack him off all over your face.

  • WHAT? Different people like different things, regardless of race.

  • Yes but its a dominance thing for black guys to make white girls take their cum inside them.

  • Yea but black guys are always broke and asking for money.

  • Every black man that I have been with treats me like a queen. They are very successful and take good care of me. The comment about them being broke is just wrong. Don't be mad that they get to fuck beautiful white women and you don't.

  • Right. He picks you up in a five year old Maxima with ghetto rims and takes you to Red Lobster. That’s living it up.....

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