Niece Desire

When does someone start having sexual feelings? I guess it depends on the individual. In my nieces case it seems to have been from birth. I remember when she was still in nappies she would come into my bedroom and neal on all fours on top of me. I would just leave my hand lying on top of the covers and she would manoeuvre herself until her loose nappy fell to the side and she would deliberately rub her pussy against my hand. My sister used to laugh that her daughter could not take her eyes off me when I was visiting. I was 14 at the time. I was intrigued by my nieces actions but felt no desire as after all she was just a baby. 6 years later when I was twenty I stayed at my sisters house again. My sister went out shopping and left me to baby sit my now 6 year old niece and her 4 year old sister. Quite boldly my niece took her nickers off and asked me to touch her pussy. I felt awkward so did not actually touch her with my fingers but put the tip of a pencil in her. She then "instructed" me to do the same with her sister. By now despite myself I had a hard on and sat my niece on my lap and rubbed my cock up and down her slit. I felt two emotions, turned on and guilt. I was worried my sister would return and catch us so I made my nieces put their nickers back on and stopped the play. 3 years later these little girls were bridesmaids at my wedding. They are both grown up and have children of their own and I am a grandfather. When we meet up at family gatherings I wonder how much my nieces remember about the situation. In those days I just did not look on little girls as sexual, that only came many years later when I was nearly 40 through another incident. This triggered paedophile thoughts and now I regret I did not take advantage of the situation and really molest my obviously wiling niece when I had the chance. I thought any insertions at that age would cause her physical and mental problems. Having read some of these confessions I now realise I was being overly cautious. If I had wanted to I am sure I could have been fucking my over-sexed niece from about the age of eight, the fear of discovery and the fall out in the family was what stopped me.


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  • I had feelings of arousal when I was 5 y/o playing with a neighbor playmate. I sucked his penis many times and we were caught in the act by his grandpa. His grandpa took advantage of the situation and had me suck his big cock and he would cum in my mouth for me to swallow. That went on for 10 years. He never penetrated me with his penis but he would finger fuck me until I made him cum with those blowjobs.

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  • Wow! Same here! Love to chat and trade! Especially pics and videos!

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