These fucking sissy hypnos

These damned things are such a turn on I really have to wonder what the deal is with them. The combo of the rapid images and sounds/music/pulses must be designed to trigger a dopamine reaction because this stuff is all at once addictive, satisfying and a massive turn on. Masturbation while watching these sick things and smoking weed is so god damned hot that I have to wonder why they are made. I mean, what is the purpose beyond that? It's a ridiculous thought that they will turn anyone gay or convince them to dress like a girl and go out and hook up with men or get women to turn their men out. I guess that's the fantasy, though. so fucked up

How many people are frying their brains on these things. It seem like a vindictive practice to make these videos. I have to remorse or embarrassment about watching them and I don't consider myself a sissy or gay but I love watching them. How many men and women are getting off on these things?

It's so fucked up

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  • It is addictive. I'll get high and totally get into deep masturbation while being glued to the screen. Luv it.

  • I love these things. It's so dirty. My wife likes them too

  • Totally addictive. some of the makers of this stuff are very talented and know how to reach that part of the brain that responds to sounds and repetitive images. The others just throw a bad song on top of a montage and call it a day. Not effective. the real ones mix sounds of women in lust with images of trans women or gay men having sex, close ups of anal sex and cum, cocks, etc...

    it's really a turn on. kind of like eating a big Cracker Barrel meal.

  • So, just suck a cock already cause you know that is where this is heading.

  • If one magically appeared in front of me I suppose I would. ouside of that I don't see this as reality.

  • Is this what happened to you?

  • LOL! You wonder why this stuff is made even as you admit that you are utterly helpless NOT to succumb.

    I'd be careful about bragging about what COULDN'T happen. Talented hypnosis operators can be very good at getting into your head. After they've laid multiple layers of instructions and triggers in your head, trained you until your response is automatic, conditioned you to respond without thinking, messed with your perceptions, suppressed your inhibitions, augmented your desire, made your pleasure conditioned on obedience, implanted past memories of what you've done, practiced various roles involving what 'couldn't happen,' and more -- you might find that you wouldn't know which end is up!

    Since you're so very confident that nothing like this could happen, you ought to be willing to show the strength of your stated convictions by submitting to all this. After all -- unless you are SORELY tested ... you really haven't proved that this is so 'ridiculous.'

    Oh -- one more thing! Just suppose that you were worked on simultaneously by two very talented and extremely attractive women hypnotists ...

  • I consider all that you said ridiculous as well. I'm sure some people are willing to let themselves be manipulated this way but I'm also sure there are lots of people that just love to watch them and masturbate, like I do. Sure, I use dildos and smoke weed while I watch but seriously, you think I'm going to leave my wife and start taking hormones, meet up with strange men in hotels, porn shops, etc...? fucking hilarious

    I sure like the dopamine rush though and feeling dirty. I think more than anything that's what these things tap into.

    but, If some woman want to try and hypnotize me for real, sure

  • I've no problem with that. But unless the limits are pushed a bit, one isn't sure. Sometimes people say things as much to convince themselves as others.

    You don't fit that category.


  • Listen, I've read that these "talented hypnosis operators" you mention are no less porn addicts than anyone else, in fact more so evidenced by their complete submission to their craft. It could be said that the people that make these things are simply feeding their own extremely fetishized vision of themselves being completely overtaken by their obsession. In that those of us that watch this stuff are just getting off on the product for a short time while they are deeply trapped within it and may not be able to escape. If they are truly effective in warping the minds of regularly standard hetro young men into believing they are sissies, that purpose in and of itself is a fragile barrier to carry on believing in a worthy life. I sure am more comfortable in the armchair with my own fetishes.

    That said, I'm happy to see how they might push those limits because the product really gives me a woody. The rest of life is dealing with actual life

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