Wife loves her 12" black dildo

I finally found out why I cannot make my wife cum anymore. I woke up one night and my wife was not in bed. I went out and saw the light on in our spare bedroom. I could hear my wife moaning so I opened the door. she was laying on the bed with a huge black dildo playing with herself. She stopped when I walked in but of course it instantly turned me on. I asked her if I could help her and got on the bed with her. As I started fucking her with this black dildo she kept telling me harder and deeper. soon I was slamming it into her as hard as I could and as deep as it would go and she finally was able to cum. I asked her how long this has been going on and she told me that she has been doing it for quite some time. Since then my wife has opened up to me and has told me how this all started. She said she cheated on me one time a few years ago with a black guy she met at a work convention in Las Vegas. They had sex several times over the week and that he had a huge cock. She told me sex has never been the same and that he ruined her because she loves the feeling of being full and streched out. She told me that he taught her so much and that when he would fuck her he would fuck her so hard and fast that she would have multiple orgasms. She told me that she has not had an orgasm with me since then and she has been faking it with me because my dick is just too small. I asked her about the dildo and she told me that he bought it for her the last night they were together. She said that after we have sex and I fall asleep she uses it to get herself off. She apologized but said she can't help it that she loves it and would like me to help her do it. She explained that she can't do it to herself as hard and deep as I can when I fuck her with it. So now when we have sex I fuck her with her big black lover until she cums several times and then I fuck her until I get off.

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  • I don't like dildos. I prefer the real deal. My husband has a small 3.5 inch penis so not much pleasure in that. He bought me several large dildos to use on me. They sit in my dresser drawer. He uses them either pretending he's giving head or fucking himself in the ass. I have used them on him and it's a turn on. But I don't enjoy them. I find men with larger cocks to please me. That's the other thing. I love it when a man fills my vagina full of his semen. I love it no substitute for a real warm large penis.

  • I agree that dildos never compare to the real thing. My husband knows he has a small dick so he let's me play with men that are hung. Nothing feels better than a real man with a man size dick that fills me so full of meat and cum! I can't get enough. Your wife has had the real thing and she will not be able to stay away. I'm sure she is fucking a big dick and you just don't know about it. Just go with it. You both deserve to be pleased.

  • Yeah, I would say that's probably very common, many women literally never orgasm during sex, and have to get themselves off using whatever means necessary. Feel happy that she told you her secret and has invited you to help her reach orgasm. As far as her fucking a colored guy, well that would be a deal breaker with me, but you will have to decide if you can live with the knowledge that your wife had a buck knee grow inside of her.

  • I came home one night unexpectedly and caught my wife working the fat end of my snooker cue up herself , She never noticed me so I watched through the gap in the door . I could not believe how far she pushed it and how ruff she was with herself , It obviously wasn't touching the spot because she stopped and started looking for something else . Next thing she picked up was the lava
    lamp and placed it on a little table , She straddled it until the tip was in her at first she was going slow with only a little bit in her . And Then she got faster and deeper until the thickest part of the lamp was in her she finally came , Until this day she does not know what I had witnessed . Since that day ive witnessed even more objects inserted in her

  • I do the same thing after my husband goes to work in the morning. I use my vibes and dildos to get off. Mine has a suction cup on the base so I stick it to a short chair and ride it. This way I can get all of it inside me and go as hard and fast as I need. I started off with normal sizes but now I have a very very thick one and it is 10" long at least. Feels amazing when it is all the way in. I just sit down all the way and grind my hips until I get off.

  • I would love it if my wife wanted to fuck me with her 10" dildo!

  • Sounds fantastic tell me what your thinking about when your riding the dildo

  • I am thinking of a real man with a huge dick that can give me what I deserve. I am hoping someday I will have the courage to go out and get the real thing so he can really fuck me hard

  • Girlfriend I'm with you totally. Married a man with a small penis. So I have to fuck men with larger ones to be fulfilled. Try it don't be afraid. Just use a condom to start out with. If you can find the right partner to be with every once in a while ditch the condom. But give it a try you won't regret it.

  • What are you doing now

  • I currently have my biggest dildo inside of me wishing I was getting fucked by a big black dick

  • Tell me about yourself

  • I am 31 year old blonde business owner. I am very fit, I work out 6 days a week. I need more than anyone has been able to give me

  • What's the most disgusting thing you have ever done

  • You first

  • No need to tell everyone what she is like in bed there harry. our imaginations can't even handle it, we might bring up last weeks lunch if you keep talking like that.

  • You are on the wrong site then if this bothers you.

  • Yea, right.

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