I am in lust after a marketing woman at work

Ever since the first time I saw you I have wanted to bend you over the desk. The other day, we were joking around as usual and you told me you wanted something from me. You said, "You have to figure that out" I hope its the same thing I want from you.

I need to be inside of you.

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  • Yes what he or she said. I think. Do what you want.

  • Oh man not a // me too bitch. People here are just trolls looking to get people all worked the fuck up.

  • Please stop telling this man things that will get him fired. Sexual harassment is real // me too. Take a cold shower and forget about her please sir. I will pray for you.

  • Yeah man I think he's right. You a virgin or got a tiny dick. You chicken man. Shut up about it. Grow a pair. Women like men who go after what they want not wimps like you.

  • Jesus you fucking pussy nail that bitch already. You are making us men look bad. I would have so been hitting that shit already dude. I feel so sorry for your wife if you are married. Maybe your a 40 year old virgin and afraid of the pussy. Bend that ho over the desk any desk and fuck the shit out of her. I just had a thought. Maybe it's cause your afraid of what she will discover. Yeah you have a really tiny pecker. Then she will tell the whole office you have like a 3 inch dick and when you walk by people will be laughing. Shut up now and go in the men's room and just jerk off and pretend cause that's as close as you get to nailing this woman.

  • Yesterday she came in my office and bent over to pick up a pen. She turned so her ass was right in my face. She looked over her shoulder with a grin and walked out. Ouch!

  • Don't start that again charles and the tampon king. lol.

  • It’s a trap.

  • What I meant was I want you to fuck off you jerk !!!!
    You don't even get that weirdo do you ?.

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