Sweet, Innocent Dr Mandy Is Forced To Try Anal

There is a chiropractor I go to named Mandy H, she goes by “Doctor Mandy.” She is in her early 30’s and single. She is petite (5’ 2”, 110 lbs.), has shoulder-length dark brown hair (usually pulled back in a pony tail), brown eyes, firm B-cup breasts, and a firm round butt I love to see in the tight jeans she usually wears. I’ve been going to her for months. For the past several weeks I’ve been getting a massive hardon for her when I see in her in her office. Good thing I’m lying facedown on the exam table when she treats me! During one of my last appointments, I asked to use her rest room before I left and jerked a massive load into my hand to relieve the hardon she caused me. I finally decided that I needed to do something about these HUGE erections she was causing me, but I didn’t know what. The only thing I could do is to jerk off before and after each appointment to try to keep them from coming back. It barely worked. She runs a very small practice, just her and one other chiropractor. Her practice closes for lunch each day from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM. I started to notice that the chiropractor she works with doesn’t come in on Tuesdays. I finally knew what I was going to do about the erections I had for her!
I made an appointment with Dr. Mandy on a Tuesday, the last appointment before lunch, right at 12:15 PM. As it got close to 12:15 PM I drove to within a mile of her office. I waited until 12:20 PM and called her office. “Chiropractor, this is Dr. Mandy, can I help you?” “Dr. Mandy, this is XXXX, I am running a few minutes late for my appointment but I will be there before 12:30 PM. Is that OK?” “Sure, you’re my last appointment before lunch, no problem.” I waited until 12:29 PM and walked into her office. I apologized for being late and thanked her for waiting for me. She assured me that it was no problem at all. I headed back to the treatment room and she turned to lock her office door before following me. I am guessing she didn’t want any “walk -in” patients showing up prior to her lunch break. That was perfect, just what I was hoping for! I laid facedown on the treatment table and Dr. Mandy stepped close to make some “adjustments.” I could smell her perfume and see her tight looking round ass as she moved around the table. I was fully hard at this point. Right after she finished, I asked “Do you have a minute to show me that stretch you taught me during my last appointment?” “Sure” she replied as I was getting off the table, being sure to keep any evidence of my bulging erection facing away from her.
She proceeded to lean over the table to demonstrate the stretch she taught me. As she did, I stepped close in behind her. “All you need to do is lay across a firm surface, press your pelvis down hard, and hold that position for 30 – 60 seconds.” While she was in that position I pressed the bulge in my pants firmly against her butt crack. “EXCUSE ME!” she shouted. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!” I replied, “I’m doing what I’ve wanted to do for weeks now,” as I grabbed both her hands and pulled them firmly behind her back. I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out some cord I brought with me and firmly bound her hands. She shouted, “STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP!” The door was locked and no one could hear her. “Do you feel what I’m pressing against your butt Dr. Mandy?” She reluctantly replied “Yes.” “What is it? Tell me.” “It’s your . . . your penis . . . your erection.” “Very good Dr. Mandy, it’s my hard cock and it’s hard for you, because of you. Since you are the one that made me hard, you have to do something about it.” She was bent over the treatment table from her waist up, her feet were on the floor, her hands tied firmly behind her back, and I was right behind her pressing her into the table. I reached around front and underneath her and unfastened her belt and jeans. She struggled, trying to get away, “Please don’t do this! Please!” Keeping her firmly pressed against the treatment table, I yanked at the back of her jeans with my left hand. I could barely get them over that firm, round ass of hers. But, eventually I managed to get them pulled down just below her ass, revealing her panties. She had on bright pink, nylon bikini panties that were stretched tight across her ass. With one good yank, they too were pulled down below her ass. She just kept repeating “No! Please don’t! No!” I looked down to see her bare ass – which I had thought about so often – right in front of me for the taking. The sight of her bare ass inches away from me caused semen to start to flow out into my pants. I gave her jeans and panties another good yank and managed to get them well down onto her thighs. At this point I opened my pants and pushed them and my underwear down to my knees. My huge, glistening erection sprang forth, bouncing against Dr. Mandy’s bare ass, leaving a smear of semen on her. “No! No! Please not this! No!” – she kept repeating.

My cock was very close to Dr. Mandy’s tied hands so I took one of her hands, closed it firmly around my erection, and moved it back and forth for her. I wanted her to know my size, how hard I was for her, and to feel how wet I had become. She pulled her hand away as quickly as she could, disgusted by my erection. With my hips pressed firmly against hers, not allowing her to move, I gently took both of my hand and separated Dr. Mandy’s ass checks. I looked down and saw her tiny, tight, pink pussy opening right in front of me and I pressed my finger deep into it. Dr. Mandy sobbed as I filled her with my finger. I couldn’t believe how warm and tight she felt inside. The deeper my finger went into her, the moister she felt. I worked my finger in and out of her for a few minutes, covering it in her juices. I finally stopped and began stroking my hard cock, coating it in my semen. I spread Dr. Mandy’s cheeks again, positioned my hard, slick cock head at the opening to her vagina, and slowly leaned forward. Dr. Mandy sobbed harder as my cock head pressed past the tight muscles at the opening of her vagina and inch by inch pushed the tight muscles inside her vagina out of the way to make way for my erection. I luxuriated in filling her vagina inch by inch until I felt my cock head press against her cervix, not able to go any deeper. Dr. Mandy gasped out loud – “AHHHHH!.” I pushed harder, wanting the last two inched of my cock to be in her. No luck, I was into her as deep as she went. I put my hands on her hips and squeezed her ass cheeks together to give the last two inches of my erection something soft and warm to feel. Dr. Mandy was sobbing uncontrollably at this point. I slowly started to work my way in and out of her, with full, long strokes that always left the head of my cock inside her. A mixture of my wetness and hers made it easier and easier for me to thrust in and out of her. I know I wouldn’t last long. “Dr. Mandy, you feel as good inside as I thought you would. This is exactly what I needed. All I need to do now is empty my balls into you and I’ll leave.” She began begging me, pleading with me, “Please don’t. Don’t cum in me. My cycle is about to start. My diaphragm is not in. Please pull out! Please!”

I didn’t want to knock Dr. Mandy up, but I was enjoying her tight little body too much to pull out. I was looking down, admiring how my shaft opened her pussy so wide, when my eye was drawn to the tight little pucker of her butt hole! I said to her, “OK Dr. Mandy, I won’t empty my balls into your pussy. I don’t want to make you pregnant,” and I started to withdraw from her. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she said in relief. When the engorged head of my cock popped out of her tight hole, I could see her body relax and the gaping hole I left between her legs slowly start to re-tighten. Her relief didn’t last long because I immediately pressed my cock head hard into her butthole. She gasped loudly and screamed “Noooooo! Not there! Not there!” I kept adding pressure and adding pressure until my cock head forced its way through Dr. Mandy’s tight sphincter. She cried out as I entered her rectum. I said to her, “I have to cum in you Dr. Mandy. Since you didn’t want me to cum in your fertile vagina, that only leaves one option, your tight ass.” She replied, “It hurts! Stop! Please! I’m not . . . I haven’t . . . “ “You haven’t what Dr. Mandy? You haven’t done it in the butt before? You haven’t let any of your boyfriends put it in here before?” Through her sobs I heard her say “Noooooo!” It was beyond my wildest dreams to be able to take Dr. Mandy’s vag and butt in one session. To know I just popped her anal cherry sent me over the edge! I aggressively thrust forward, filling her with my cock, somehow getting every inch of me into her bum. I grabbed her hips so I could pull them back into my thrust. Looking down to see my entire cock disappear into her once virgin butthole made my balls tighten. I knew it was too late to stop now. I just hung onto Dr. Mandy and enjoyed the ride. I started to spasm in her butt over and over and over again. She could feel it. She knew what I was doing inside of her. She just sobbed as I deposited my ejaculation into her butt. It seemed to go on for minutes. It finally stopped and I could feel myself going limp in her butt. I looked down as I pulled out of her. Dr. Mandy’s petite body relaxed once my cock was fully out of her butt. I managed to spasm one more time, leaving a nice deposit of my warm cum on Dr. Mandy’s left butt cheek. I just stood there watching Dr. Mandy’s stretched butt hole slowly return to its normal size. Just before it closed back up, quite a bit of my sperm oozed back out, dripped down the insides of her thighs, and deposited itself into the white cotton crotch of Dr. Mandy’s panties. It turned me on to see Dr. Mandy lying there, sporting an anal cream pie. Poor Dr. Mandy!

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  • I am married now and can never tell my husband about this - Mandy.

  • Garbage don’t take women behind there will. must be a Muslim thing

  • It's so horrible what he did to me, in my own office, against my will. I know I'll never be the same - Mandy.

  • Call the cops and report the rape.

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