Want to watch a blowjob

I'm a middle aged man and I've had a strong desire to watch a woman give a blowjob to another man. Not a video, but in real life. Naturally I wouldn't argue if she included me when she finished but I'd love to see her strip some clothing off, pull his cock out and suck him until she finishes him off. It's hard to find places to post for this. Anyone else have this desire? Man or woman?

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  • Nothing hotter than watching a female sucking on a guys cock she so eagerly desires. The moaning in her voice and passion on her face Like she’s been waiting for many many years

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  • I watched my wife do it to the cable installer, I sat in the closet watching thru the slats. It was really hot seeing it from another side, watching her excite him and swallow him down.

  • I am obsessed with blowjobs! I want one constantly and I want to see women giving them to other guys! I search the web in vain looking for stories from women who are just as obsessed with sucking a dick, just to enjoy the dirty feeling of a cock in her mouth and the anticipation of a load about to be blown between her cheeks! Any deviation she can include such as licking the precum as it oozes out makes it soooo much better! I love a nasty mouthed whore! Blowjob porn is almost all I watch!

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