Caught my wife with our dog

I came home early from work the other day and when I walked into our living room my wife was bent over and our German Shepherd was on top of her. When she heard me she tried to get up but the dogs knot was still inside of her and they were stuck. She was so embarrassed that she started crying. I was surprised but I was also turned on. I told her it was ok and that she needed to relax so she did get hurt. I helped her get the dog off of her and then I instantly had sex with her



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  • I'm a male and I used to let my dog get all the way into me and I loved it. He used to cum so hard that he would get stiff and I couldn't get him out of me for awhile. Every night after I got off work I would rush straight home, go to the basement where he was and take my pants off and we would have wild and crazy sex for about an hour before I went to bed. One night I came home and discovered that he had run away. He never returned so something must have happened to him. After a few days I couldn't take it anymore. I needed dick so bad I went out and found a big dick tranny and she's been fucking me ever since. Now I'm a tranny and get all the dick I want.

  • My girlfriend and I fuck with my dog he is so nice has a giant prick and does not pull after he has knotted and does not scratch with his front paws we also love masturbating him while watching TV of an evening, my husband really likes watching him humping us, so much fun.

  • I had started pegging my husband regularly while he wore my bra and panties and could give him an orgasm from hitting his p-spot. He would shake and moan like a cheap whore. After a few weeks, I finally talked my husband after a few beers into letting our dog try to fuck him. It was exciting to see him wearing my bra and panties with our dog on his back fucking him. He started out hard, but lost his erection as their fucking continued. I had let the dog fuck me before when my husband wasn't around, but hadn't ever told him that. My husband wasn't aware how sex worked with dogs, so he got a big surprise when he got knotted and the dog turned away from him. I rubbed his head to calm him down, but eventually what I hoped would happen did, I felt him shake like he did with me pegging him and he moaned into a pillow as the dog brought him to an orgasm.

  • Would love to watch you two with that lucky dog

  • So what is your contact details baby, I can send you a video ?

  • Our dog used to nuzzle into my wifes cunt all the time, one time I said get nude and see if he will lick you she did and he did then I started assisting him mounting her after I lubed her up real good and they both loved it, my wife had a friend over to show her doggie love and she also wanted to try so I assisted with the mounting and lubing, they both have a great time with the dog now, initially they got very scared when he knotted but they like it now, to start off they both did missionary but soon got into the doggie position it is by far the best.

  • One afternoon about a year ago I caught my wife knotted with our Labrador on the fluffy rug in the loungeroom she was so embarrassed, I took heaps of photos and even had time to get my cam recorder and video them, I had a leather saddle made that fastens around her belly with leather socks attached when he mounts he can really go into her so deep and hard and when knotted he kicks his paws out so they are locked bum to bum, so very sexy.
    Occassionaly I will hold his knot out and when I feel him cumming tug him out they both get pretty pissed at that but I love being the boss, my wife does anything I want now because she does not want her mother and sister to see my photo's, so good.

  • I am really interested in getting one of those saddles for my wife we have to place thick woollen socks on our Labs paws to prevent deep scratching when he is humping even then she can get marked and hurt when he is excited, can we get one off the net ?

  • I had it specifically made by a good friend that is very handy with leather work

  • Darling was he mounted doggie or were they in the missionary position ?

  • They were doggie

  • Thank you that is fantastic, my wife has been doing doggie with our Labrador for over two years, they both love it, I like watching because once he knots he kicks his paws over and they are locked for about 30 minutes, I have plenty of video's and photos.
    Happy humping xxx

  • Would love to see them.

  • Stfu

  • I would love to see the photos and video that's for sure. My wife confessed that she has been doing this for some time. She also told me that she use to play with her dog when she was young and growing up at home.

  • That is so good, sorry don't share, your wife must be over the moon happy that they are out in the open now and can hump whenever they like, my wife has a lockable collar that I purchased with "My Bitch" on it that she wears when he mounts her.

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