Porn star looks like my wife

There is a porn star who looks like my wife. I didn't close out the video on my phone and my wife opened up my phone and saw the video. My wife was surprised at the similarity and joked that she could be her twin.

A week later my wife asked if she would look good with a tramp stamp and clit ring. I was like hell yes! and I asked why. She said well I was looking at that model you like and thought that it looks good.

Then on Friday night when we were going out she came out dressed in a very sexy mini skirt, sheer top and high heels and her hair and makeup all done up. Of course no bra or panties. The best part was she was wearing clip on nipple and clit jewelry...yes she bent over to show me. I was hard right away. She told me that she found the outfit from her twin. I said who? She said, you know that model we like.

We got to the club and danced and drank, then we went to the third floor balcony to watch the floors below as she is leaning on the railing she unzips me and lets me fuck her from behind on the railing.

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  • Which porn star?

  • Ron Jeremy

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