I have to masturbate while I'm driving and hope to get caught

I have to masturbate almost constantly when driving somewhere of a significant distance. Whether it's with a vibrator, a dildo, or just manually. I find myself needing to get off when driving a decent distance (to have time to get it done) and I want to get caught, so I try to.

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  • I took a few of my very large dildos down to the park one night after it was closed. Set up a towel in the middle of a field and fucked myself for about 2 hours. These dildos are so large and shocking to see, such a turn on. I stripped naked and had my fun riding them in the cool open air of the park. I know lots of people run there and and stretch in the mornings so I left everything there. just got dressed and walked away. The next morning I walked down to see how people reacted to what I left. sat on a bench right there and watched. some people were horrified while others seemed to be interested in what they saw. Hard to tell but I think a few got really turned on. I saw one woman stop and look down for a long time, studying the scene and get all red on the face. She did a few stretches right next to it and then ran off. Now I'm wishing I hadn't left my expensive dildos so I waited till I thought no one was around and I went over and stuffed them into my bag, quickly. I hurried off about to burst into laughter, got to my car and sat there, exhilarated. I masturbated right there in my car, windows down and not hiding it. I came so hard I felt I could pass out. amazing

    May be the craziest thing I have done like this

  • I have to tell you, the first three comments are good[mention of Hilary Dufff]нiLагу,вабу,уеан!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok so I have masturbated,my secret fantacy is to have a woman tied up while she's asleep on her bed and masturbate and get my gism on her lips right before she wakes up and when she wakes up and sees me still masturbating she licks her lips

  • [)[]£s апу[]пе €ls£ liке нilагу [)цff?sне's fаптаsтiс! I would like to, I would love to бе а|[]пе ш|тн нег

  • Okay,so Hilary Duff is here[no,only kidding][we just had oral sex][I sucked her boobs][kidding]could somebody comment already

  • Окау,нilагу саме баск, I have to post this and[I will spell it, I haven't got the words for it in another language] could I get back to you on this one...

  • Does anyone know any other languages? I have a few I wrote,check it out[minun täytyy tietää,jos olen edelleen asia [Nautin aika pois[I enjoyed my time out] Olen loukkaantunut(I'm hurt)ilta päivä[lonely] olen yksin(I'm alone) qw[I've got to know if I still matter]

  • Does anyone want to know the word for b*tch in russia,it's sooka,or suka

  • All I would want for me is to feel okay,about masturbating for me, a guy I do it because I want to,it feels good and I like doing it[too bad Hilary Duff isn't here]

  • Late nights inside is good for doing some things, I'm listening to Hilary Duff[she's amazing to me]late night being out masturbating or in daytime is okay but it's only okay if you're not arrested for it

  • Наvе уоц шоке цр iп тнемогпiп' ,fееliп' gооd[потiсе, I am switching from languages, yеан[епglisн то Russian] it's in the languages,окау,so this mornin' Iщоке цр пехт то нilагу Dцff,уеан,sне щаs kissin' me and she said she would get my mornin' coffee[yoц кпош I am only кidding]

  • I love Hilary Duff, Okei[okay] Mitään[nothing] ever happens in my world,has anyone ever felt so lonely,she is like what make me feel in room I'm in,I love her

  • Нilary Dцff,I Love you,hou are окей[окау] я чувствую себя великолепно[I feel great] апd уоц аге хорошо(окау)

  • Are people really cool with the idea of people getting off while they're hurling 3000 lbs. of steel at you?

  • My gf keeps a vibrator in her car. I discovered it by accident. I asked her what that was about, and she just said, "It's just nice to feel good down there while being on the road."

  • I love it! I keep mine in the car too and have asked by several people what it is, etc. It's satisfying to know there's other girls out there that are like-minded.

  • How often do you do it?

  • Getting caught led to so much more.Im a guy though.I was in my late teens spending time at my older stepbros place.His girlfriend walked in on me masturbating in bed one morning after my stepbro had gone to work.I quickly hid but she had a dirty smile on her face.She asked what I was hiding under the covers.She pulled the covers aside and I had one of her dirty panties wrapped around my hard cock,she was a little taken back but not for long as she gasped at my cock and said "wow that's big
    ".Then she saw my phone it was a picture of her in a bikini that I got off FB.With that she began to suck me off and after 10 minutes I blew a load down the back of her mouth and she swallowed it.She got up wiped her mouth then said "next time just give me a shout".

  • Геadiпg your shit bro, it fuckin' hurts me a little but it is okay, I will let it be[my hurt]my b [so-cal,she's really not though]went to some other b*stard once, I haven't seen her since

  • I'm a guy,and in my rural neighborhood there's a camera on a tree at the end of the road,(within walking distance)(short walk)I wait 'till night and sneak out,get in front of the camera(I know she sees the videos)I masturbate 'till I finish

  • I usually wear a very think cami while driving. It was so thin anyone could see my nipples. A part of me wanted to be pulled over and some cop could checked my breast. I know, it sounded totally cliche and straight from porn. But aint it a girl’s dream, having her boobs checked thoroughly by an authority.

  • I would love to see your boobs

  • Yeah come to my place pull in the driveway turn the car off step out and show mе all

  • Hey,when is Lezzy Parade comin' back?

  • Hey,let's all masturbate in public,we could have a parade.

  • Шнат |f тне мотнегf*с к|пg сор гареd уоц нопеу,тн|пк абоцт тнат sн*т

  • Hot! I masturbate on my late night drives home(2am+) from work to keep awake. I'd love to do it in the day though...

  • Hey,let's all wait until Lezzy Parade comes back and we'll all masturbate to them,the Lezzys

  • What if getting caught means being labeled a sex offender for life and having all sorts of issues attached to that label? Like getting jobs, apartments or accepted by some HOA? Still sound hot?

    Sounds fun till you get caught!

  • I don't think you're in the right area to be posting comments like that. This is a sharing community.
    And masturbating in my car doesn't make me a sex offender! Damn!

  • Уоц'ге гigнт,it's a sнагing community, I love Hilary Duff,that's okay. I would love Hilary Duff[orally,all night if she let me]so here's this comment,put your knees together,spread your feet,look proud and let them know you can't do it.

  • Yeah when's Lezzy Parade comin' back

  • Can anyone post videos here

  • Damn Dude! Chill the fuck out! She didn't say she wanted to molest some fuckin kid! She just wants someone to see her rubbin one out!

  • Molestin' a kid,totally different, I wouldn't do it

  • Thank you 😊

  • Ur welcome.

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