(Female) Sex with my teacher

The summer after my sophomore year in hs, I had sex with my english teacher. His wife went to church with my mom, which led to me babysitting for their son over the summer.

A couple days a week, I went over in the morning when his wife left for work and stayed until he came back a couple hours later. We would talk and hang out a lot of days and he'd usually give me a ride home. One day we were talking and I thought he was being flirty, but thought it was just me. Then he touched my leg and began running his hand up and down my inner thigh. I grabbed his hand to pull it off, but he pushed his hand in between my legs and began pulling my shorts aside

It was like electricity between us, he fucked me with his fingers as we kissed and undressed, then he fucked me on the couch and then bent over the kitchen counter. I'd hooked up with 2 guys before, but neither of them made me come, and we fooled around a few times throughout the summer.

They went on vacation in August and we agreed beforehand that it wouldn't happen again, and it didn't. I saw him around school the next 2 years and would smile or say hi, but nothing ever came of it after.

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  • I been making love to my history teacher for ever since school started last month. He kept me after class the third day and kinda told me to wear panties after PE told him I didn't have a clean pair to put on so I pilled them down and let him see my bare puss. Well he went right to eating me out making me cum on him over and over till I was shaking uncontrollably begging him to stop.
    Well he did but only long enough to shove his hard cock into me and it didn't take him long to fill me with his cum. He'd fuck me twice before he collapsed on me kissing me telling me tomorrow after and our lips met and we made out for nearly a hour till I told him to just put yourself in me and hold still and I went to town on him. and we fucked for another half hour.
    We'd get up and all day he'd be after me turning me on every time he'd touch my nipples or pat my ass,

  • Ur delusional it was rape

  • Tbh I looked this up after because I wasn't sure what would happen if it came out. I was 16 and in washington a 16 year old can have sex with any age legally (not that it's necessarily a good idea). but, if it's a teacher i guess it's still considered statutory rape. If I felt like he took advantage of me, or I didn't want it or said no and he continued, I would call it rape. but i wanted it, enjoyed it, and willingly did it again.

  • If he was attractive looking you’d probably still be fucking him. No girl wants to ever say no to an attractive handsome man. After you realized how fugly he was you made your decision Usually how it works the creepy ones are the ones who aren’t getting any pussy

  • No, I just realized it was a bad idea. I actually saw him a couple years ago at a bar and we talked. He's still married and I guess they have another kid so that's good for them.

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