Wife loves to suck

My wife loves to give blow jobs to strangers and she does not even want to see them, she does it blindfolded and I found out that she also likes to go to an adult video place and suck thru holes in the wall. We went to Vegas a few years ago and she gave blow jobs to several guys while blindfolded that I invited back to the room. I suspected she was doing it on her own as well and asked her one day about it, she told me that she was and explained about the video booths at a place about an hour away. We went there on the weekend and on the way there she stopped at one store and picked up condoms and another for wipes, she laughed and told me that picking both up at the same time might look bad. I asked why did she need the condoms thinking she was also having sex but she told me that she felt better about sucking with a condom on them to reduce getting any std's but the wipes were for cleaning them up afterwards. She also told me that some guys like her to jerk them off onto her boobs then they take a picture of them.
We arrived and walked straight to the back rooms, we settled in and it was about five minutes before the first cock came thru the hole. She looked at me while she was fondling it a little bit then told me once word gets out that someone is giving blowjobs in this booth there will be a dozen behind him and they will be coming in from both sides. She was not kidding at all, the guy she started sucking on told someone that there was a sucker in the booth we were in and sure enough not a minute later a cock came thru the hole behind me. The lighting was really low and I sat there watching the cock bob up and down while she reached across pulling on both at the same time and told the second guy to just wait a few minutes until she is done. She whispered in my ear and asked me if I would put a condom on that guys cock, I looked at it and had a tingle run down my spine. I had not ever in my life touched another guys cock but somehow that night it seemed like a big thrill to do it. I reached over and stroked it a few times and ran my finger over the head while she was sucking and stroking on the other one. I opened up a condom and rolled it down his cock listening to him moan a little bit, then he was begging her to suck it calling her baby and honey.
I looked over and she was rolling the condom off and had a wipe in her other hand, she cleaned him up and told him to have a great night. We switched sides and she went right to it sucking on the other one and licking his balls, I kept watching and looking behind me for another cock. It was not even five minutes and thru the hole it came and that is about how the next hour it seemed like went with her stroking, sucking and playing with herself. She had her top off and would hold their cocks between her boobs and a few of them slid their hands in and felt her up. She loved all the attention from all of us playing with her then she told me that she wanted me to enter her from behind while she sucked off the next guy. She lifted her skirt up over her hips and pulled her panties down to her knees then bent over, I was hard in a minute just watching her in this sexual state. I put my cock up to her and she was soaked, I slid in so easy it was amazing and felt even better. She was letting out moan after moan as I pushed her into the cock she was sucking, I heard the guy ask her if he could fuck her too but she just kept on sucking on him until he came.
The whole evening was amazing and she finally just had to quit sucking on them and we left, she was laying back in the seat of the car on the way home telling me that it was an amazing time in there with me.

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