Barry Blowjob

BarryBJ was on Wattpad and chatting it up with girls. He was flirting with bunches of girls and telling them sh*t like how he loved them. The truth is Barry was giving other guys blowjobs the whole damn time. LMFAO. The report is that he is very experienced at giving blowjobs because he is a pole hoe. I called him Mr. Blowjob or panty boi Barry. What a total tool... LOL

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  • Please tell us that you exposed him for what he is. What a slut!

  • Is he still on Wattpad?? I wanna go on there an publicaly embarrass his dick sucking ways.

  • I hope you exposed his ass

  • Omg. What a dirt bag to lie to girls when he is a cock sucker.

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