GF’s daughter

I’ve been sexually attracted to my gf’s daughter (J) ever since we started dating. She’s 13 yrs my junior and is gorgeous with an amazing little body. Tiny little ti**ies that I’d love to suck on and an a** to die for. I frequently fantasize about making love to her and I c*m so much every time. I want to be alone with her, wrap my arms around her, kiss her deeply, take her clothes off, suck on her little ti**ies and finger her, tasting her juices before making mad, passionate love to her. I so badly want to feel myself inside her, c*m inside her and make her feel amazing.


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  • There is nothing better. I started fucking my step daughters as soon as they turned 18. They came to me with questions and it turned into sex led by them. Neither know that I am fucking the other, I don't think, but I have fucked both of them many many times. And I hear ya on the small titties. Both of them are A cups and about 95 lbs. AMAZING sex

  • Are they pregnant?

  • Damn. Lucky you. I wish I could make it happen. Like yours, she is not even 100lbs soaking wet and I bet the sex would be absolutely incredible. Dreams do come true :)

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