Leaving nude pictures of wife for others to see

I have always taken nude photos of my girlfriends and then my wife and after a few initial cases where people saw them be accident, I found it quite exciting to leave them to be discovered on purpose. I always do this in a way that someone finding them most likely thinks they have done by accident. I can tell you first about one prolonged and deliberate way I let our neighbour see her in all her glory. He was a widow then retired but kept busy doing local gardens and odd jobs. He had a garage not far from our village where he kept his mower and tools and asked me if I wanted to share it as it had plenty of spare room. I moved some stuff in and eventually left a box of folders and old paperwork in which I put a folder with about 20 A4 size colour prints of my wife in with the top one just showing part of her face and waited to see if he noticed. Sure enough when I next checked the been moved and the pictures left in a different order. Over the next two or three years I added to the folder and used to drive past to see if he was there on a regular basis. Over time I saw him there with other friends of his, some from our village, his son and a couple of men I didn't know. Living next door he was a regular visitor to our house and although he never said anything, knowing he was sitting talking to her knowing exactly what she looked like nude was really exciting. One summer day he turned up with a stranger while we were in the garden sunbathing. I could tell straight away that this man had come foe a closer look and on later occasions I would make an excuse to arrange for them to come round at a specific time. Knowing this I would always make sure we had been out and the wife was pretty tipsy and well exposed or just out of the shower and sat in here dressing gown. Too far gone to notice as she gave them a show. Had plenty more episodes with different people, anyone have similar experiences?

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  • I love showing off nudes of my virgin fiancée.

  • I used to do that all the time. I developed my own photos, so they were black and white 5x7's. I had hundreds to choose from, and all were very explicit money shots. I'd leave them in rest areas in the men's room, strip clubs, and even mall parking lots away from home. I'd sit and wait for a guy to park at a reat area or mall... wait for him to go inside, then lay a few photos face down next to the driver's door. I'd go back to my car and wait for him to come back and find them. They always took them. Of course I'd leave some out for repairmen from time to time. I stopped doing that when the furnace guy took around a dozen of them with him. They were all showing her face, tits, cunt and asshole. Luckily, as far as I know he didn't show anyone.

  • I don't know why I did this or what made me do it but I had a guy that was replacing a double glazed unit , Just before he turned up I was looking at a photo of my wife that I had blown up . She was in a basque panties stockings and high heels sitting on a stool so it wasn't to bad , I decided to leave it on the bedroom table by the window unit he was replacing . Not only did he look at it but he took a photo of it with his phone I was spying on him from the stairway and that was the start of it , If you want me to tell you how far it's gone now just ask and I will .

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  • Email me your stories I do the same thing cuckhubby88@icloud.com

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  • I leave nude photos of my wife in hotels when I travel around the country on business.

  • I like doing the same, with my virgin fiancée’s pics.

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